Did this massive update change the stats of players who glitched to have FULL 50 attributes?

All of sudden my server is populated again, and surprisingly they all seem to be new players (ID matching character’s name).

It’s also the same number of players as before on the previous #1 pvp oceanic server (in term of population).

And before that new wave of players, population of that server dropped to 1-2 because of cheats (server constantly crashing). I thought everyone quit but maybe they just all got banned ?

Would be “funny” if all these “new players” are just new accounts made by all the previously banned players.

Or I’m just being paranoid.

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As long as funcom runs the same script every time the server gets reset, we shouldn’t have to be paranoid :smiley:

But I haven’t read anything about that yet.

not sure, ban have been issued few days ago, so i saw exactly the same on my server, suddenly in few hours become populated again, with new people but high level from day 0. so look like alt account used.

Bad news to us.
Although some players in some servers have been banned for using the 50 stat glitch, I was able to confirm this is not the case in many servers.

I have a personal friend that has the bugs active on his account in a few different servers. He didn’t loose his account in none of said servers.

About 4 servers in the old map, and 3 servers in siptah.

So maybe they are taking it slow… They need an automated script to run in every server every time they restart, it’s the only way…

Also ban them, don’t give them a second chance.

And to add to this, it is still possible to do it (1 out of 5 methods tested, still not fixed).

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Did his stats get reset? I am not sure if this is activated on official servers yet but we’ve got a server setting to validate player’s stats.

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Its banned people who are just playing on other accounts lol. It has been going on forever now. They just ban people because they they are dumb enough to buy their game all over again. They get extra money and they still dont need to fix the exploits. Notice the biggest cheaters like “Flyhacks” never gets banned tho? He literally makes youtube videos showing people how to cheat and the guy is still playing along with his goons. You arnt paranoid, you are 100% correct.

It’s worrying me that 20 out of 30ish oceanic players are previously banned cheaters and that they’re so addicted to this game that they’ll always buy it again.

I like the danger and challenge of playing on official PvP. But I cannot compete with cheaters and I don’t want to cheat myself.

I worked hard for 2 years to build this noob friendly environment on 61, left it for a couple of months and now they finally invaded it leaving their plagued 74.

It’s the first time in 3 years that I’m considering quitting for another game and I bought all DLCs, that’s how much I love this game.

Blizzard is the same way. They will tell you they look into it but for specific reasons they are not allowed to discuss the action that was taken against said reported account. Also with those being confused why funcom wont explain specific things. Think about it this way, Exploiters know how to do what they do, but if they know how funcom is going to fix it they can find a way to prevent it from happening to them or find another loop hole. As a wise mage once said: “Knowledge is Power”

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Kadghar ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I take that as a sign ! Time to play wow again !

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