Did today's patch fix bottles under the mesh?

Just checking before I go get that bugged belly dance message in a bottle hidden under the mesh.

Hey there,

This is a known issue. It’s being looked into.
You can find patch notes on the platform-specific bug subforums, in this case https://forums.funcom.com/c/conan-exiles/Patch-Notes/7 applies. If a change is not listed in the patch notes, it’s likely not in said patch.
Posts asking whether a certain change was in a patch have a low priority, as you can get the answer faster by looking at the patch notes :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I’ve got to dispute that. Many changes get made without making it into the patch notes. There’ve been whole threads about this being an issue and wishing for clearer communication from the devs (and rebuttals explaining that there were around 5000 discrete changes in a given patch/update, so it might be hard to get all of them into a coherent note form). In fact, I’d say I have never seen a set of patch notes for an update to CE that contained all of the changes made in that patch.


Latest patch notes for testlive do specifically mention the belly dance emote (and aquilonian) - so we now have direct information on that (not fixed in current live version, should now be functioning in current testlive version) :slight_smile:

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