Did We stop all LOGIC thinking?

Having a break since last update fail, only refreshing bases.

Find out refreshing im suddenly banned. - Other people tells me my building is gone -deleted-
They saves the main ones (two build).

All been there since over 2 years. - (all my siptah stuff gone).

I contact help zendesk support to know the reason,

They tell me they cant find a ban on that account.

I telle i was for aprox 3 days now my stuff gone.

Then i get the general they dont replace or give ingame support.

I mean c’mon Funcom!!!


Wow not just me and my 2 other friends then, I am sorry you are getting the same thing.

Okay, sounds like it was decay then and someone tore it down (not Funcom, a player). Your logs would show this if you looked. When Funcom bans a player, they don’t tear down anything, it simply decays like it always does.

And they have never had MMO support to reimburse lost items. That’s never been the case since 2017.


People also do not get banned for simply logging in to refresh their decay timers. Either they or someone in their clan did something against the rules and got caught. Perhaps it was not the OP, but someone along the line did and thus the ban was put into place. Call me cynical but I’ve seen too many post of “I’ve been banned for no reason” only to have it come out they were banned for a very valid reason all along.

Also, Are you on a pvp server? You said you have two buildings, and the main one is safe but the other is gone? Maybe it got destroyed by another clan? Maybe it was decayed and destroyed by other players that way like @Multigun said. There are far to many factors at hand and not enough actual information to actually know what is going on.


Sorry should have mentioned it PVE-c and siptah was PVE.

I know it wasnt a decay.

And I agree, mostly my thoughts too when people crying unfair ban and being toxic too.

But like i said helpdesk said they couldnt find a ban.

But the server message was clear, “THIS USER HAS BEEN BANNED FROM THIS SERVER”.

The only question that comes to my mind then , was this ban on an official server ?

Well, all i can say here is that i am sorry for you my friend, i am really sure that your experience on the game will not trouble you to recover fast. How long is your ban going to last?

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Just curious what server number is it?

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I think in addition to filling the form you also have to provide your steam id(17 digit string).
Here’s the link to zendesk:

You can try to figure it out yourself if you broke any rules. Here’s the link:

Bear in mind that if you play on multiple servers, if you get banned on one official, your access will be blocked on all official servers.

Good luck, and best regards.

Do you think someone ‘hacked’ the ban system? If Funcom didn’t do it, then maybe someone else did.

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Extremely doubtful. There is a far better chance that the user joined a server that “looked official.” There are numerous private servers that try to disguise themselves as officials to get people to join.


Yeah even though you can see if they have the official checkmark, I only noticed that because 2 servers with the same name randomly popped up in the list right next to each other (one official one not).

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