Did you see the SCUM game body customization?

I love the game, but what bothers me is certainly not the variety of NPCs, they are all very similar, it discourages a lot in collecting slaves, the funny thing is that the SCUM game, which has a graph with quality inferior to Conan, has a customizing of NPCs and graphics quality of NPCs infinitely better, I’m sure the funcom should invest its efforts in NPCs, improve the variety of NPCs, animations, and artificial intelligence, stop building new things, focus on long mechanics use, things that we will do many times, collect, hunt and waste a lot of time, I still believe that one hour you will make the mechanics of slaves more lively and rewarding.

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Yeah they do look kinda similar, it would be nice if they add different faces to named thralls to make unique from the others.

They gave T4 thralls some variety in the last patch. Most male T4’s had the “bald crown and long hair on the sides and back”, but Thutmekri the Dramatist got a “bald crown and short hair on the sides” hairstyle. I haven’t seen many others, and I’ve been using CharEditLite to give variety to the thralls I’ve recruited so official changes are probably not applied to them… but there’s some hope for less clone wars.

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