Die in volcano when logged out

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. build temp controlled room on lava and wear temp gear so no damage is being taken
  2. log out for like 5-10 mins
  3. log back in to find youself dead in the desert and you gear gone for the 10th time…
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Yep, it happened to me several times as well.
There is one 100% safe spot to log out there which i have used more than 10 times and did not encountered any single “spawn in desert” issue though :smiley:
When you’re facing the master of ceremony (cultists of skelos) at the big preying place go on your right and find a flat ground looking like a floor made by humans (in stone) hope you understand what i mean…english issues you see :D…
if you’re interested in that spot i could make a screen of it. Anyways have fun !

Is This a Bug?! Just happened to me

The problem i think is is that your vitality attributes giving you resistance arent working when your offline. This means that while online you dont have a problem offline you do. I had more or less the same problem logging off in Khitan armor in the desert. It was very hot but with my vitality elemental resist attribute and the 30 vitality regen i didnt have a problem. Offline i died just like you did.


My experience with this issue is that whatever you wear that protects you from heat or cold stops working after you logoff. You can also reproduce this issue with cold, build something where you have shelter but are still being extreme cold or frostbite when not wearing your cold protection armour but are fine while wearing it, then logoff in that cold protection armour and wait 10 min, you will also be dead. Basically it comes down to loggin off in a place where you would be fine also without your heat/cold protection items.

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I did a reply just before you posted on @Skinny. If what you say was correct i would not have died in Khitan armor in the desert.

I agree, when I read your post I realized it is like you say, it must be the regen that stops working after logoff.

VIT20 and VIT30 stops working when you sleep.

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makes sense.
do you think it’s only the perks / attributes that are ignored by the game when you’re offline, or the temperature resistances provided by your gear as well? do you think both are ignored or only the first one mentioned?
I’m assuming it’s only the first one but i’d like to have your opinion in that matter.

I dont think the armor resistances get ignored. I logged out in the desert in Khitan armor. Khitan armor gives 2 bars of cold resist. I can keep that on ion the desert with 30 vitality attribute points. I however died with it on while i was logged off. To me that points to that the armor resistance stays but the attribute resistance and/or the regen does not.

Yep i think the same, thanks for the reply, otherwise i would have died every single time i logged out in the volcano

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I tested this and can confirm what Blyker said and ShintaiDK confirmed again. The perk 3 in vitality does not work when logged off. I used cold resistance gear in the desert to get heatstroke and logged off, character was dead when logged in again.