Died because of broken combat system

As it says in the title I died because of a broken combat system. I locked on2 a enemy was about to die then I unlocked and it locked on2 something else. Also went to get my stuff back. Guess what the age old body disappearing bug!!! Sorry 2 complain but the gaming business is a lot like the catering business.

Your body may have vanished, but it’s still there. Sadly you can run around slamming square and find it. Has happened to me once or twice. Running a ssd on a Ps4 helps immensely for rendering

How to use pure SSD on PS4? I know that u can buy and install a hybrid one.

And also sometimes the body disapears but the hand and bracelet remain. Then a rock can spawn on the hand. Had this happen after dodge rolling off the pirate ship a few times