Died in Black Keep randomly, body nowhere to be found

So I went around exploring the Black Keep dungeon because I haven’t been there and was running around inside, then I walk down this hallway and just insta-die after a small lag spike on the server. I figured there would be traps and stuff but after researching some videos of others doing it there were no traps in the spot I died and after I went back to collect my things my body wasn’t there at all, which stinks. I tried relogging too and still no body. The spot was right when you walk in and go left, died as soon as I went into the hallway before rounding the corner to go right where that trap actually is.

After I died I just went in with nothing and full light armor and ran around like mad to see if I missed something, literally hit every door/room/hallway and nothing else happened besides me dodging the undead, no traps or anything. Was this just a bad case of bugs all around or am I missing something like a no-body mechanic in the dungeon?