Died in Frozen Water

My connection dropped while i was on the south coastline by the frozen lake, it threw me underwater and half way across the lake, all my stuff is under there and i die from frostbite straight away, is there anyway i can get it back?

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If you are playing on an official server, sadly you won’t get any items returned to you. If you are playing on a private server, contact your admins.

Not on a private, it’s on an official server, so there’s literally no way???

If you are looking for GM support, Funcom sadly do not offer any traditional GM support for the official servers and I am not aware of them returning any items to players in the cases similar to yours. I am sorry.

Hey there,

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You have agreed with the Conan Exiles EULA to not get refunds:

There’s no way to get a refund or reimbursement, that’s true. Your best bet would be to somehow recover it yourself, but obviously time is fast running out on that option. Only really an option if you have backup armor in the first place, though torches, the right food and certain items can also help keep you warm (for a short while).

The Exiled Lands are unforgiving!

Craft cold gear and get it back.

30 Vitality helps a lot too.

If that’s not possible, try to ask someone for help on the server.

Tag it as “Players helping players” pls

If you die underwater your body is there you would have to were protection gear for the cold and jump in the water and hope you find your body to retrieve your items but you only get 15 mins before your body decays and turns into a bag

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