Died in vault to DC, game respawned me at beach…not in dungeon not in bed……the beach

I’m actually pretty angry about this, if i dont touch anything it’s supposed to be a bed respwan in world, and if I’m dungeon I’m supposed to respawn there, i was forced to then pull my bracket to get even close to the dungeon and home, but lost a good 8 sigils, this kinda crap isn’t funny.

Why is it player efforts are constantly slapped, no matter what we should always respawn in the dungeon if we don’t make an input (ie being dced and offline during respawn)

If killed offline in vault we should respawn in said vault every time, not on the damn beach……losing more and more motivation to even keep on with this game each time

Rant done but holy hell this is not funny anymore

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When the vault refreshes it removes all players from inside. It stops people camping the chest.

If you disconnect whilst inside you will likely spawn outside the vault, where there is usually any number of mobs waiting.

If you then die whilst trying to log in, either of hunger, thirst, or from the mobs outside the vault. The default spawn will be on the beach.

It’s annoying, but if players could camp the chest without even fighting the boss it would be pretty cheesy.

Sorry you lost your sigils, but I think this mechanic is intentional, and necessary for balance.

Good luck!

P.s. Before applying sigils you should always farm multiple sigils of the fiend, as this will prevent you losing the other sigils on death.


DC during a vault run has always resulted in instant death from my experience. Happened recently and there are no mobs directly outside or within aggro range of the demense. It’s just a death sentence, event log would reflect if something killed me.

The big issue is spawn point updating and it doesn’t just occur during log in. I’ve had it happen during massive lag spike that sent me over a cliff and spawned me at the beach all the way across the map.

Also, stocking up on fiend sigils doesn’t help when you’ve been spawned on the beach so far from your base and corpse that you have little chance of running back to get your gear before your corpse poofs. You have to pull bravely and lose sigils or risk losing your gear.

Frankly, the amount of sigils lost on death could be significantly reduced.

Oh dude i was so salty to, logged back on within 10 mins and it said i had died twice, then had to pull bracket just to get close to the vault :weary: had a ton of fiend sigils but like you mentioned useless when their half way across the map in a chest.

I normally wouldn’t let that bother me but i was running all 12 sigils and my char hadent been killed in well over a week and a half (and not being careful) lol

I’m the type who sees how long my character can live without a death as well so when I’m force killed by the game like that…….oh man

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