Died while offline PS4

Game mode: [Online | PvE]
Problem: [Bug - died while offline]
Region: [Official Server 3508]

I logged off the other day after teleporting to the Dregs and i was on the Map room near by, out of the corruption zone. I log on the next day and it says I was killes by The Red Mother? Which is very far from my log off spot and how did it kill me if I was offline?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Teleport to dregs
  2. Log off 5 feet North East of Dregs
  3. Die while offline
  4. Log back on to have no grave or items

On official servers when you log off your body stays into the game and can be killed — by players if you’re on pvp, by mobs on pve and by weather on both.

I don’t know why this specific mob killed you but dying when offline is not a bug :wink: try to disconnect only in one of your bases to avoid this !

Someone may have trolled it there.

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Thanks everyone, I didn’t know weather or mobs can kill you. First and last time i log off in the open.

Temperature can kill you while offline as well, even indoors. Many players have made the mistake of logging off in front of a fireplace and dying from heatstroke in their bases. :wink:

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