Different Parts of Structure crumble Every time it renders

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[Every time i come up on my structure. new sections are crumbling. So i spend countless resources and time rebuilding it then and there because really i have no choice. just to leave my base. come back and have other sections crumble as its rendering ]

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This happens to me as well, EXCEPT that the base doesn’t actually crumble, it’s just the graphic effect, not the actual crumble… And it only happens when i log in, not when i’m already logged in.

I have the rendering issue also where stuff is just invisible for awhile. like my doors that annoys me the most. i sit at my doors for some times 2-3 minutes waiting for them to appear so i can open them. i used to spam click e and i could get through but that doesnt work anymore. but yeah this other thing is a new issue. im actually having to replace all the tiles and wall panels

I have the same

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