Difficult targeting with "Seeking Bullet"

I get a lot of failed ability activation with pistol Chain basic ability : Seeking Bullet.
Sometime, I get a message : There are no valid targets in range.
Sometime, I don’t get any message, but ability fails to activate.
It’s even possible to reproduce this on static targets such as practice dummies in Agartha without moving crosshair : sometime, it activate, sometime, it doesn’t (with our without message).
Worst time is when fighting multiple adds…

Am I the only one exeperiencing this ? (I don’t get same experience with other targeting abilities … even Chain ones)

I guess I m the only one facing these ability activation issue with Seeking Bullet (and with this one, only)…

Or … I m the only one playing Main Pistol in scenario :slight_smile:

Hmm… are you sure that’s actually a Seeking Bullet issue, as oppossed to jusst being a symptom of the tacked-on recticle targeting being a bit bad in implementation in that it is way too easy to ‘target too low’ for ranged abilities to properly trigger?

Well, to be honest, I m sure of nothing… But I don’t have the same issues with other ranged abilities, even with pistol “Power” chain abiliy (that I ve forgoten the name, at the moment)