Difficulty changes Avatar damage?


We have our server set on HARD (barbarian) but when someone raid with Yog, the damage is… very very small, you almost can’t destroy a tier 1 fundation…
When the server is set to easy, it goes like a charm… but is that the idea of the difficulty? I always tough the difficulty is about all other stuff NPCs / Weather… and evnironment.

If it is really that the difficulty is only about Avatars… let me know if there is a Problem if i change it.



I have tested some things in my server with Yogg avatar and the conclusion was:

With Barbarian difficulty i wasn’t able to make more than 5k dmg to any foundation, wall, floor… I tried moving like 20 secs arround and i tried to just stand still and spam left button too, the result was the same, no more than 5K dmg.

Then i tested the same move (move around, left mouse button) with the easy difficulty. The results was quitly different; Wiped all foundations arround and just left the ones who are in the limit of the god.
If we know whats the problem would be nice, cause i wasted a god for wiping 1 sandstorm wall :stuck_out_tongue:


can someone tell me what the difficulty Setting for Avatars are on Server: Official server #1117 PvP - g-portal.com

Battlemetrics doesnt Show this Information. @Devs can you tell please?

Thank you.

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