Difficulty finding T4 thralls in the wild and T4 armorer not making Legendary repair kit

Since they fixed the crashing issues when capturing thralls, we have not been able to find any armorers carpenters, or blacksmiths in the wild. We’ve spent considerable amount of time checking everywhere. We have found named fighters, dancers, priests, and today we found our first alchemist. Has anyone else had better luck?

Also before this week our Fia armorer (captured before the big update) was able to make legendary armor repair kits. She, as of this week has not been able to make them. Was this intended?

We play on official PVE-C servers for PC

only purge armorer and blacksmith

@RaCa you are a patch or two behind.

@desmas10 they were removed with the latest hotfix, still waiting to hear whether it was intended or not but it has been reported by others as well in the bug section.

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