Difficulty levels of bosses and minibosses as well as vaults


I have had some weeks of experience on Siptah now. I’ve witnessed past iterations of bosses in the Exiled Lands getting nerf to reasonable levels, especially in terms of health, but I wish this would be the same for Siptah as well.

So to give you a few examples I will go over some of the enemies I think are in need of a tuning pass

For example, the 1 Skull black yetis (I think they are Yetis) are fairly easy to kill, are dealing little damage, while also telegraphing their attacks quite a bit. Also they can frequently be staggered. They still give you a skeleton key.

The 3 skull scorpion king has tremendous amounts of reach, speed (atleast in front), super high damage per hit and quite a large health pool. On top of that some attacks poison. He also yields just a skeleton key…

The 3 skull demon spider has lots of health and deals moderate to high damage, while also dealing corruption damage, and as soon as you get hit by a single tick you get pulled back into her channelling attack, taking the vast majority of ticks anyway. They just give you a skeleton key.

The 3 skull spider bosses have lots of health but are easily avoided as compared to the other 2 I just mentioned, and don’t really deal that much damage. They can yield legendaries and fragments and if I remember correctly skeleton keys on top of that.

The 1 skull hunchback ghoul boss in X’chotl deals a lot of damage, but can be staggered into oblivion while also having basically zero hitpoints. He yields legendaries and fragments of power.

The corrupted wolf (1 skull) and also the white wolf (1 skull) are quite tanky, deal quite a bit of damage. And especially the corrupted wolf deals probably by far the highest amount of damage in the entire game. What do they drop? NOTHING meaningful. They can frequently spawn around a lot of common areas however, which makes them really pesky and hard to deal with, especially without max level gear.

Rockslide deals a massive amount of damage around him constantly and basically only does one move. He cannot bleed or get poisoned with a massive health pool, which makes the fight last longer by quite a bit, while he butchers everything including thralls around him, unless you have a shield with loads of durability. And the reward? I think it was a skeleton key? If even that…

I could go on and on about this, but clearly the risk/reward ratio for most 1skull or 3skull creatures seems super off. Some 1 skull creatures basically on starter spawn points can 2-3shot you even with heavy armor and ~80%, some 3 skull creatures need several rotations and combos to take half your HP off.

Now next issue comes with the vaults. Some, like the Imps just confuse you but you can generally sprint through most of it, dodge the charge of the end imp and just cleave everything down with relative ease. Others, like the Demon Spider ones (Uargh.) take quite a bit of running AND killing enemies that have quite a lot of HP and cannot be staggered AND getting glued to the floor. Generally the health difference between some of the standard enemies is ridiculous. The werewolves and imps just need 3-4 hits from me, whereas the demon spiders need several rotations to die while also dealing way more damage, and the harpies can knock you to your death while having a massive amount of health too. Also in the harpy dungeon there are some spots where you can easily fall to your death if your timing is not on point. Granted, it didn’t happen to me, but in other vaults that reward the same if not better loot you can basically only die if you afk.

I am not opposed to difficulty. I just think difficulty should match the rewards across all parameters. Otherwise it’s simply not worth doing some of the vaults or bosses due to their horrible risk/reward ratio. Yes I realize they can all be easily soloed on max level with a strong thrall (or given the latter, probably at level 40), and there is some argument for PvP balance here funneling “easy” pve into direct pvp contesting due their better risk/reward ratio. But then again, I’ve seen Funcom massively nerf the big spiders in Exiled Lands, and massively nerf the Black Rhino and so on. So please, when moving towards the official release of Isle of Siptah, make a big tuning pass on all of the bosses and vaults so they are somewhat similar in terms of strength/bounty.

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This sums up why bosses get over farm more then others

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