Directly transfer +1 unstable ? to player inventory based on killing blow

The corpses left behind in the wake of the maelstrom are causing issues with lag and hitching.

In order to address this, stop turning them into containers laying on the ground, holding data table information that loads when players hover over it or even enter into the same zone.

To the player that did the killing blow on the maelstrom creature, pass a direct +1 unstable ??? to their inventory, and avoid this whole issue with lingering corpses that is bringing the game to a crawl.

The loading of inventories, especially containers is a known hitching issue for everyone who doesn’t play Conan off an SSD drive. It’s very noticeable in bases.

How much more, then, when you have small groups trying to survive the zerg fest and having the kills just pile up because they don’t have the time to go through them all and process them? This could happen outside bases, etc. You just don’t have time to harvest because there is no down time between spawns.

If your pet / thralls kills it, transfer the ??? to the owner.

Just stop leaving corpses behind in the maelstrom, because of the container loading issue.

It will make the maelstrom a lot cleaner to play in for everyone, regardless of the farming method (which is still being worked out by the devs).

Meanwhile, this is a change that will positively impact the game no matter what. If you want tower defence, great - this will make gameplay a lot smoother. If you limit the zerg fest, great, it will benefit small groups that hunt together.

They can pool the resources together after the storm ends and divide the ??? evenly among themselves.

Just don’t let it litter the server, making it crawl to a halt. It would make the storm a lot more dynamic if you don’t have to worry about playing janitor after you’re done killing. You can just hunt for the next creature - a more hit and run style of play where you don’t have to loot the corpse and then skin it.

Doesn’t that make a more dynamic environment to play in? (Yes, you won’t get the other resources on the bodies, such as the brimstone, demon blood and black ice.) But these resources are easily harvested in elder vaults and everywhere else in the environment. They don’t need to be on the bodies.

All people care about is looting the ??? value.

The rest is redundant and counters the intended dynamism created by the storm. You don’t have time to worry about the bodies when you are running around trying to snipe and trying not to get murdered/surrounded the whole time.

And if you manage to pick off one and then have to run off, you don’t get credit.

The maelstrom mobs are not literally physical entities, they are phantasms, so they shouldn’t leave behind harvestable corpses. They cannot survive outside the storm, and once the storm stops, they just turn into a purple outline and disappear. It doesn’t make sense for them to leave behind bodies.


Might work, if it’s actually the corpses causing server lag and assuming they really don’t drop anything that can’t be easily acquired from another source. Also I do kind of like it thematically.

One thing to consider though would be the weight value of ???. I don’t recall right off if they have much weight, but having them transfer automatically to the player’s inventory like that could easily create situations where you become over encumbered mid combat. Sure, that can happen in the wild sometimes already where you harvest a tree or something just as you’re attacked by a wolf. However, the tree isn’t fighting back, and in the maelstrom combat will be fairly constant.

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I just checked.

A full stack of unstable ??? weighs 0.20

A single unstable ??? weighs 0.01

It’s the same for lesser unstable ???

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You still have control whether or not you want to land that killing blow or not.

If landing the killing blow will put you over weight, then retreat.

Or, take the killing blow anyway, and pop a food item. The ??? is so light that it is negligible once you get the popup. You can just consume a food item on your bar and it will go away, if you don’t notice your encumbrance is very close to filling up the red.

The thing is, the current situation is even worse for encumbrance. --Everytime-- you win a fight and need to go and get the ???, despite the field not being clear, you have to harvest and take in an unknown amount of weight - countless chitin, cat hide, pieces of flesh, you name it. These can put you over weight much more easily than choosing whether or not to hit a killing blow and take a 0.01 weight item into your inventory.

It’s a huge inventory over-flood based on the amount of ??? you have to obtain as you go around playing janitor (if you even have the time).

Considering the amount of creatures that zerg you, it’s almost an unintentional oversight on the part of the devs, for the player to have to go through all that amount of un-asked for resources when all they really want to loot is the ???.

Most of the time, you have to stop fighting and drop everything you’ve collected, or stop your thrall and turn them into a pack mule. Inventory management is a constant chore while you’re in the maelstrom.

All this in a constantly hostile and changing battlefield. The harvesting is an un-necessary step which bogs down the combat and makes you less mobile on the field as you are constantly curating your inventory and freeing up space so you can loot the next ???.

And if you don’t clean up the mess, you progressively slow down the server as it gets littered with containers.

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