Disable Charactar Invisibilty

Many times people leave a server, place all on the bodies of theyre family accounts and let them become dorment…thanks to funcom they become insvisble…why not disable this bs so the actual players can loot these sad players and continue the domination of the server or conquest after finding the holy grail of riches

just a thought…it would clean up allot of inactivity

Because eventually the servers would be full of Sleeping Beauties.

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nah if someone doesnt play they should die and dissapear till they log back in, not become invisble
that is more fair, too many do this, use family accounts to load up stuff and let them get dorment…and when they feel the need to come back to annoy someone they just log it in and in few hours base is made and all is set up for war, thats just bs, funcom should change that

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