Disappearing buildings and other objects

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Invisible objects
Game Mode: Online official
Server Type: PvE conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Official Server 1042
Mods: none

Bug Description: After logging in the objects are transparent (as in the pictures). I don’t know why.

Bug Reproduction: Always after logging in.



Being a regular player on 1042 it could well be to do with the lagtastic builds noobs have built EVERYWHERE. The pi** poor processing takes a lot longer to render buildings in. When I log in, sometimes, because 3 other clans have built near to my main, it can take nearly 3 minutes for my base to fully render in.

What I do now is, as soon as I log in, I go make myself a coffee. By the time the kettle has boiled and the coffee poured, everything is cushty.

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Thank you for the pictures. Can you also share your PC specs?

Additionally, can you tell us if all the drivers are currently up to date?

We await your reply.

The drivers are up to date, previously the game worked on this computer, only after deleting and reinstalling did these problems occur.

ht tps://imgur.com/a/xJMWrj3