Disappearing crate 3827

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: America

Was getting ready to start a new build yesterday in volanco (whole nother issue)

Had took 3000 harden, 4000 ref. Metal and 2 fountains
To start the build with

When i got to the hut we had to build from i took from a crate a allaince mate had place another 3000 harden and 3000 ref metel and 3000 shaped wood

I placed a extra crate down and put all 6k harden, 7k of ref metal and 3k shaped wood into the crate and 2 fountains

Walked over to fridge ingame to grab some food when i got the server down message of lost connection

When i got back in about 15mins later the crate was missing

Nothing in the log showing what happen to it

Really like to know what happen to all of are mats

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place crate down
  2. Deposit items in crate
  3. Server lost connection
  4. No crate , no log of what happen to it

Hello @Mbannar, did you confirm if the mising resources were back in their original containers?

Was there any other action taken before the disconnection that didn’t register/save other than placing down the crate and depositing your materials?

Nope they are not in personal inventory or back in kiln/storage

I had destoryed a starter storge box i had thrown down that was back on the floor when i logged back in

Had only been playing for 20/30mins before connection lose, only on long enought to load stuff travel to volanco and step up crate move stuff around , grab my follower and destory a ild boxs and start to grab some food from ingame fridge when server lost connection

Thank you for clarifying, we’ll send note to our team.

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