Disappearing Items on a OFFICIAL Server #1514

I recently moved my base to a temple in the jungle where I built into the landscape adding foundation pieces and everything inside of the prebuilt temple. I had my crafting station out back on a deck where I had 2 cupboards and 2 chests that were all filled with hours worth of grinding. I walked down the ridge to mine some iron and stone. I came back 5 minutes later and my chests had disintegrated and all the items were gone. No notification of item decay or indication of any problems. The well, armor station, tanner, furnace, and other wooden boxes built at the same time were all still around. But my cupboards and chests with the important items were gone. Is this a know bug? Can I be reimbursed? How can I prevent this going forward?

No clue exactly what happened, however it may have been decay timer.

Remember, to prevent structure spam the game is setup such that the full decay timer only applies to structures that contain 6 or more pieces. So a lone chest, resting on ground may be viewed as seperate and face a much shorter decay timer. You may wish to extend your foundations to reach the chest.

We had this happen with some small sniper towers. They were a foundation with 4 fence pieces, one shy of the required minimum. They all disappeared on us due to decay, forcing a small redesign.

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