Disappearing sorcery portals

Official server 6109 siptah pve America.
I’ve had my portals disappear probably around 8 or more times,just the portal not the building/foundations they were built on.
It has happened most times near the center by the tower city area,tried multiple places there.
Also happened In the south kemi area.
North east by the sorcery cave.
Seems to happen after a server restart but might take multiple days but sometimes happens the next day…tried different builds,shapes sizes,doesn’t seem to matter.
Yet i have other portals with same build and they are fine in different areas.

Hell…no one else has this issue or suggestion :thinking:

this happened to me on siptah, was driving me nuts … turns out the game didnt like portals to close to some of the POIs, My portal was to close to grave of something… moved it over a bit and was fine lol

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Did you built them on nemedian foundations? Theres a bug related to those currently.

Nope…reinforced, flotsam,frontier…plus a mixture of these.

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