Disappearing workstation

That has happened to me over that last 2 days… i have lost a lot. something around 500 iron bars, a lot of leather, fish traps, my smelter, and several work benchers, I’ve lost a lot of want to play. today i just got on saw that even more was gone and got back off.

Same here logged on today and what do I see… Wheel of pain is gone. WT actual F. I got pissed of and did not even checked f anything eles is missing. New patch new issues.
The game concept is great, but please stop wasting players time. It is not like you can gather all the resources fast again.The alchemy chest that disappeared contained basically all the stuff that was used for alchemy since I started playing. That is hours and hours of grinding. Funcom what are you planning to do about that? This is ridiculous and if you continue this way players will start dropping of like flies.
How are you planning to compensate for all the wasted hours?