Disappointed at Release

So was Looking highly forward to the games release. Myself and two others rushed to and explored the swamp. cool, nice out look seems like a great place and all. Fought the Witch queen. Sad that it was such an easy fight. I mean we saw a “named” Human… was like Dont kill her lets capture her. Pulled out our truncheons and knocked her OUT. Noticed we couldnt leave, so we are like, i guess we kill her. trivialized the whole fight about dodging beams while fighting her non moving body. those beams are slow.

we also noticed that Healing counts as bandages??? so food is worthless since while I passively heal I get a stop regenerating because of bandages message every time i take any damage while I’m healing. easy to proc when eating food in an area where you take passive damage(temperature areas)

Noticed at max level: there is NO point to MAX out any stat except for encumbrance. To many points for what you get. and maxed out vitality is not worth 40+ levels since its level 5 skill never seems to work. what healing boost LOL nothing changes compared to using a healing potion or food.

We went into the volcano and cleared it in less then an hour. the one who dwells in the volcano was a pushover. was not expecting that at all. he’s supposed to be difficult right? He died in 4 hits!!! I mean the world bosses our harder since they have hundreds and hundreds of health. which in turn, turns the game into a durability match, will my weapon last long enough for it. Compared to the actual bosses in those two areas as well as the simplicity of the volcano area made my heart ache for this game. Especially the permanent heatstroke that I suffered when I went in. Thought it was weird when i was wearing heat Resistance gear and using Ymirs frost axe for bonus heat Resistance. Seeing the Line for temperature ABOVE the temp gauge was like Why am I not on FIRE!!! (possible bug) it helped crossing lava though since I could walk on it like its not there lol

I enjoyed this game, loved the Lore, Loved exploring, Loved seeing the architect. Yet seeing that the “NEW” enemies are just reskinned of previous enemies is sad. I felt that the volcano area and it’s associated dungeon was rushed. While the Swamp area looks GREAT and seems like a great place to rebuild our base.

My clan and I’s Goal is just to find a nice place and spend hours/days Building an Enormous base. Once we do that, we Might try to finish the ending and get the parts for the bracelet.

I feel that if just the swamp came out, and if that fight was harder. it would of been fine since I would be expecting the volcano to be a REALLY tough area.

Thanks for listening to my opinions of the games launch and its two new areas.