Disappointed in monetization

Let me start by stating that I am aware the game was not financially sustainable with the DLC pack prices before. I bought all of them (with the exception of the most recent one, since I haven’t been playing for a while). But however much a change in monetization strategy may have been necessary, I did not expect (though should have) to find an item shop and battle pass system upon returning to the game. I’m very disappointed in this decision, and would’ve happily paid more for the amazing DLC packs we have gotten to support this game further, but I cannot condone these practices being pushed onto a game I paid for, and supported, for the longest time.

For one, the battle pass. It banks on a predatory FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) model of monetization. Being rushed to achieve certain goals in a limited time just to enforce player traffic is also not something I will support in any way.

If a system such as this has to be implemented, to remedy the predatory FOMO element, make the battle pass exclusive items permanently available in the in-game store as an account-wide purchase, maybe after the season pass’ duration ends.

Then, the ingame currency conversion. The currency and it’s conversion rate are purpusely designed to detach the microtransactions from real-world currency, to obfuscate how much real-world currency any given item in the shop costs. While I understand this increases income, it seems malicious, misleading and opaque to me, so I can’t support that either.

If the currency and conversion instead of real world currency pricing for individual items is necessary, prices and conversion rates should be more easily translateable into real-world value.

And the FOMO in-game shop timer stuff, I don’t even want to point out the obvious again, it’s anti-consumer practice. All things considered, this entire thing is a terrible monetization system overall from a customer’s perspective, designed to obfuscate the value of what you’re about to purchase, taking advantage of people with poor impulse control, and just about as opaque, greedy and the opposite of customer friendly you can get away with.

Unfortunately, even though there would be lots of opportunity to make this system fair and transparent, I don’t actually believe that you have much control over what you started here, Tencent is known for doing this to whatever they buy. But if you can do something about it, please do. I really don’t enjoy being “that guy”, but until something changes, I won’t spend a single cent on any of this (apart from the final DLC pack I’m missing, maybe, to show that I’m willing to support the future of the game and not just trying to vent my frustration into deaf ears). Now I know you couldn’t care less about losing a single person’s future business, I just hope that I’m not the only one.

Sorry if this comes across as harsh to anyone, I don’t mean to set fires, I’m just very disappointed.


your not the only one, (i am ok with battlepass), they increased the XP, by a lot for 10days, to help those falling behind.

now the bazaar , it feels terribly wrong at current prices.


Ok let’s just get some figures. What is the maximum you would pay for 1 set of armor? 4 weapon pack? About 5 new building pieces?

Tired of subjective wording. Give what’s the maximum you will pay. This will definitely help sell the case if there is an actual target and it is within a feasible reason.


1 set of armor (5 pieces) USD 5
4 weapon pack USD 4
5 building pieces usd 5

i will never go above 1 USD per item. and then i would do bundles of 15 items for 10 bucks. (thats me)

at those prices i would probably buy quite alot.


This is an excellent point.

To your specifics…
1 Armour set, 250 CC
4 Weapon pack, would not buy in general.
5 New Building pieces, would not buy in general

To elaborate
1 weapon set with all basic weapon types, 250-500 CC
This one has no interest in paying for skins for weapon types this one uses neither themselves nor for their thralls.
One side note, this one would probably pay 100 CC for a set of Javelins, Throwing Axes, and paired blades (axes or swords) for an existing DLC set, such as Frontier, Khitan, or Aquilonian.
A New Build Style with full piece count in tier 3, 1500-2000 CC, depending on how nifty it looks.
Just new build pieces is too vague to judge.
If it is a foundation, but doesn’t include wedge foundations it can cluck right on off. Likewise roof pieces without wedges.
For a full set of new roof pieces, including awnings, 250 CC
For new foundations (including wedges) and ceilings (including wedges), 250 CC
Walls, Frames, Doors and Gates, 250 CC
There is a trend forming, yes?
Brand new pieces it’s hard to say.

Generally speaking, this one finds low value in bundles of objects that don’t fit together. The Katana, Shortsword, and Spear set being a key offender. They don’t share a theme or style. Bah.


The Nemedian DLC is definitely worth it for the building pieces. They complement the vanilla T2 and T3 sets and a few of the other DLC sets. It has become one of my go to sets with practically every build I do.

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I feel like I made it clear enough that it’s not the pricing I take issue with, but the malicious strategy they employ to sell these things. I’m happy to pay, just not with all these strings attached. No “subjective wording” there, I just didn’t criticize the pricing.

To answer your question though, If you take the value the DLCs provided, I’d happily double that. For instance, a full building set, I’d pay ten bucks for, if I like it. For a full set of armors and weapons, I’d pay the same. Should give Funcom a ball park.

I’ll not pay that if it’s being served to me like this, and I have to worry to permanently miss out on stuff. When the game is trying to take advantage of me, I’ll just pretend the new monetized content doesn’t exist, and play the game with just the DLC.


Thanks, I did take a look at it, and I do like the set a lot! Will try to combine the sets you mentioned with it once I have it. Cheers!


Hard passed on that one and I’ve been buying pretty much everything.


I cannot agree more. I believe that if there is something the player base must focus is this!
I don’t believe that we will return to dlcs. We must not forget that dlc was the Funcom strategy, battle pass and bazzar is the Tencent strategy! I do agree that maybe dlcs with double amount would be better that the status we have here for the player base, but apparently it’s not enough for the ones that invest to this game! Yet what you suggest here @Palm523 is the thing I believe too, plus clarity please. I want to know from the very beginning what pieces will be available in the whole season and wait to pay for them first.
I find unfair three plates with food on them to be charged 15 Euros. I don’t need the table and the chairs, I have enough, thank you :man_shrugging:, I need the damn plates only! Sorry for the damn, but this is how I felt when I witnessed this item in the bazzar!


Yep we got plenty of posts about that.
Full building set - 6-7 usd
Full pack of decorations (themed) - 4-5 usd
1 set of armor -2-4 usd (5 too much)
1 set of weapons (4-5 items) - 2-4 usd
If devs want sell single items for 10-15 usd… they should make them really significant and unique. I mean really…
Like huge animated and functional (you can play with) decorations and stations…
-deep pools with water statues
-solar glowing towers with mirrors (you cant point rays wherever you want)
-animated 20m bronze statues (like colossus talos)
-maybe decorative unseen pets and creatures (in cages) you can interact
and etc.


Thats what i think too, the price of BP is not expensive. But they should put cultural packs on the bazar for 10 USD full pack, now is too expensive. And please fix the regional prices, in EPIC GAMES coins are cheaper than in steam.

I feel that the BLB was made so expensive to push the sales of the BP which in turn will also boost the numbers by making people spend more time online grinding boring tasks.

I was waiting to see if they will have some sales on the coins for Black Friday. I guess not.

I hope the tactics of the newly hired monetisation expert bring them the results they were hoping to see. Will it cost them the support of their community? Time will tell. It certainly won’t bring new players in.

I am not too sensitive to game bugs (I am still here) but it certainly rubs me the wrong way when a company starts to milk their players when things are not going too well.


tno black friday or cybermonday?

wait that is not celebrated in china (tencent) hehehehe
expect Chinese new year sales tho.


It definitely won’t help much with regards to community relations. Had the game been released with this sort of monetization strategy in place, I would’ve simply decided against investing in it.

I’m with you there. Going the anti-consumer route the second things start going downhill, before even trying to adjust prices or implementing other strategies, doesn’t win any trust or good will from my side, either.


Good Lord that DLC is so choice, it should at the very least have been retailed at half the game’s $60 value. Every one of them is a magical OP Enhancement.

I wish they would’ve released Khitan, seen we were on the hook, then Harry Pottered the next set. Break it into three sections at $14.99 each. Worth.


Not sure what the sarcastic attitude is necessary for, but have it your way. To be fair, I remember the DLCs being priced at 10, though might have just been my memory. I mostly use the building sets, that’s what I got the DLC for. I’d have paid 20 for most of them, subjectively. I get that the amount of content they provide is disproportionate to the game’s retail value at their price, and I’d rather have had things work out the way they used to be. But as it stands, I’d prefer more expensive DLC over navigating this ridiculous fomo timer microtransaction jungle full of items with even worse price to value ratios. To each their own.

Edit: Messed up with the previous post somehow, sorry about that.

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I wasn’t being sarcastic. I love the DLCs and wish they could’ve made them make money.


The great thing is the core mechanics like sorcery are free, and only the cosmetic options are something you can optionally pay for. Dont want to pay for it - then don’t.

Don’t enjoy grinding for it? Then don’t. They are optional. They also made the BP grind pretty easy.

At the end of the day, you won’t please everyone, but game companies are not charities and they don’t do it for the love of the game. The love of the game doesn’t pay shareholders and doesn’t put food on the table. They do it because they need to make money.

So long as their strategy right now is meeting the financial goals that Tencent has laid down, it will continue. They will lose players along the way, but those players were not going to contribute as much if anything anyway financially to the company.

Thats just how the business works. I think most of us on here know that though already.


Oh, my bad! Mistook your enthusiasm for sarcasm, had all the hallmarks to me. Sorry about that!

I really enjoyed all of the DLC, since aesthetics have always been an important part of the game to me, especially in building.