Disaster Update

What a terrible, unnecessary update. Thralls that can’t be placed, an annoying constant buzz and last but not least: nonsensical large workbenches in which you can’t even build everything you need to produce. No, I need a tannerbench for that now. And, of course, the game crashes for no comprehensible reason. No one can seriously test this disaster, many of them you should rather tie the access to the Testlife server to a report.

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Check your mods.


Mods aren’t the only issue, the game is currently freezing every 10-15 mins without mods. A few recipes are missing, fish are not producing ichor when cooked. Religion npcs lost their voice and a few more bugs. But yes @TheRedMother if mods are causing you to crash either disable them by changing or removing the modlist from your conans folder. Or check that they are updated.

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