Disconnected from game - Lost all inventory


So my internet connection dropped whilst carrying 40 reinforced stone walls, 20 reinforced stone frames and a load of reinforced ceilings plus about 200 reinforced steel bar, and other mats, we are talking days of materials collecting construction and the like, i was in a safe place, full health, 100 on the food and water meter, i reconnect after 5 minutes to find i have re-spawned on my bedroll @ 50% health no corpse to frantically find or death mark on the map.
Seems this issue which has been around since launch; still hasn’t been fixed, there a no words to describe how annoying this is.
Looks like i shall be taking another 6 month to 1 year break from the game again, whilst you try to pull your heads out your rear ends and try to make a playable, i mean you still can get the damned journal quests to update…

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