Disconnected from PVE 2727 server; spot of death has no body to loot but does cause me to overheat rapidly

I was playing on PVE server 2727 earlier today. Fighting a Nordheimer up North when I DC’ed. I knew there was a 99% chance I would be dead when I tried again later and, of course, I was (still relatively low rank at 33 but lost all my iron weapons, heavy armor, and tools. Yay!).

I woke up in the desert (not sure why since my home bed was like 100 yards away from where I DC’ed) and made the trek back up North. Oddly, my death marker was nowhere near the location I DC’ed. I went down to the spot and there is no body or loot to recover. I even trekked back to where I thought I died and saw nothing. Explored the area (mostly an open field)–nothing.

Oddly, the EXACT location of the death marker causes my body temperature to ride RAPIDLY. Hit Heatstroke in like 10 seconds.

Welp. It happened again today. Was in the middle of a fight in the north and got disconnected. I know by now to not immediately try to get back in until later because the DCs just continue. So about an hour or so later, I get back in and am respawned in the desert. Only THIS time, I didn’t even have a death marker to try and get my loot.

That’s unacceptable. It’s also ridiculous that Funcom has no way of restoring loot due to these bugs caused by them. It’s a complete disrespect of the player’s time.

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