Disconnects when upgrading / removing building parts

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: SpineRunner’s Exiles Server
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

When upgrading a building part the part is delayed but several seconds or disconnects me entirely. Removing building parts is similarly slow to happen. It should be noted I am working a a bit of a mega structure. a Pyramid with a footprint of 67x67. it half built ATM on a base. I have stability set to 0. Watching the server control panel seems to show: 15.10 18:48:21 [Server] INFO LogNet:Warning: UNetDriver::TickDispatch: Very long time between ticks. DeltaTime: 6.04, Realtime: 6.04. IpNetDriver_0 15.10 18:50:04 [Server] INFO LogNet:Warning: UIpNetDriver::TickDispatch: Took too long to receive packets. Time: 99.82 IpNetDriver_0 15.10 18:50:04 [Server] INFO LogNet:Warning: UNetDriver::TickDispatch: Very long time between ticks. DeltaTime: 99.88, Realtime: 99.89. IpNetDriver_0 15.10 18:50:04 [Server] INFO LogNet:Warning: UNetConnection::Tick: Connection TIMED OUT. Closing connection. Elapsed: 99.88, Real: 0.21, Good: 0.21, DriverTime: 1659.36, Threshold: 60.00, [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:, Player name: shadowstarrXXXXX 15.10 18:51:16 [Server] INFO LogOutputDevice:Display: Bug report upload completed with result code 200, took 0.554 seconds.

Bug Reproduction:

activate building hammer, right click to enable remove mode, click on building part. wait for part to remove. Click on another building part, usually disconnects.

Greetings shadowstarr0000!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forums!

Due to the fact that your issue is related to a private server, we would advise you to join the Admins United discord (also referred on: Admins United: Conan - Discord for Server Admins! ) as this discord includes other admins with the experience to better assist you shadowstarr0000.

Continue conquering the lands!

We were havng a very similar issue. Large, intricate builds are allowed on our servers. Some of our super awesome players figured out it happens, at least for us, when the corner Pillar pieces from the extended Turanian (I think it was Turanian, I didn’t buy that one) and Stormglass packs are used in abundance. They removed them and everything was fine.

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