Discord following community guidelines

Understanding the unofficial discord is not a direct reflection of funcom or the forums, it would be good to see the creators and moderators of the discord follow the same guidelines.

I received a ban abruptly and without explanation about a week ago after using this discord daily for months. I have since been unable to receive information on when i can return and got little - no help doing so.

Im sure there is a reason i was banned, but being permenantly cut off from the community is a disgusting way to punish people for what i believe may of been a minor offence.

Hey there,

The discord is unofficial, fan-run and community-maintained. We can not adopt any of Funcom’s policy’s or guidelines as our own.
The discord moderation team does not include any employees. The employees which do frequent the discord are visitors.

Bans take immediate effect and are given asap -delays may include extended staff discussion and the limitations of the moderation team-.

You were banned from the Conan Exiles discord for the following reason(s):

Constant, continued disruptive (arguing, bringing up topics that have been requested to be dropped by the moderators) and disrespectful behaviour (such as insults), trolling.

Unfortunately, we could not get back to you any sooner.
Note, the moderators are volunteers. Please respect their limitations.

This ban is permanent, as the moderation team does not expect a (re)turn to following the rules if the ban were to be withdrawn (no offense).

The following applies for the discord in general (taken from the “Discussing moderation” rule):

Staff decides internally whether an action taken is justified.

The accusations against me are being inflated by a moderator who has said and i quote “i hate to agree with R3KA5AND” these accusations are false and incorrect to an extent in which a community member should/deserves to be banned.

I have received a reply from another moderator which said “i had come off as annoying but he didnt believe i should be banned for this”.

Your discord has alot of rules for its users, those which i have tried to follow. Perhaps you could please explain to me why i received no warning or any kind of notice before recieving my ban?

Your treatment towards this situation is a joke and is being handled extremely poorly. Under no circumstances did i severely break any rules of the discord and have spoken to other moderators who stated this was an unfair punishment.

You run this discord on behalf of the conan community and allow personal feelings of moderators to cloud judgements in these circumstances.

My permenant ban from the community is a disgusting act and has no valid reason other then disgruntled moderators.

For a moderator to say they do not believe i could follow any rules upon a return is completely obsurd and clearly shows there is a more personal vendetta behind this banning.

Sorry, I shouldn’t say this (it is not my opinion btw). I was thinking of something else when I wrote this. I hope you can forgive my mistake in doing so.

I can unfortunately not remove the ban. Multiple moderators have agreed to the ban, including two of the main moderators. I can only make sure that the main moderator who banned you did so with reason and I can only get back to you on this matter if they did not.

I should note that, in their reply, the moderator you talked to was only able to share their personal opinion, based on what you said to them. They had not yet seen your messages on discord or a statement on the ban. This is because they were inactive at the time. This they mentioned in a later message on discord.

What happened is that this statement was further back in the chat. They could not find the message as quick as they’d hoped, so they had to communicate with you that there had not been a statement. They also said that they would ask around.

They then got a reply from another moderator. They did not get back to you and they have apologized for this following this thread:

That’s probably on me for replying to his initial thread asking about his ban. He messaged me earlier asking if I had heard anything and I told him no […].

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I will go more in-depth on the moderation system here.

Please note that Chat Moderators are only beginners. They need to learn the ropes. If there’s something wrong with their reasoning, we discuss this internally. They learn the most from their mistakes when other moderators correct them constructively.
The moderators have corrected each other constructively from the start when discussing the ban.

The moderation team tries to follow these guidelines. Whether the violation of a rule results in one of the following consequences is noted next to the rule, eg. “(ban)”. Exceptions are made when there is sufficient support, when a violation does not fit one of the following categories and when there are changes in the rules.

  • If someone (severely) breaks a rule, we try to warn them and/or DM with them if needed.
  • If someone breaks a rule which is noted as “ban” (eg. illegal content), they may be banned immediately or given a fair warning.
    In the latter case, an exception can be made when there is sufficient support and a ban may be decided upon. Depending on whether there are any guidelines on the violation at the time, this is communicated in the warning.
  • If someone constantly breaks the same or a similar rule and there is sufficient support for it, a kick may be decided upon.
  • If someone continuously breaks the rules after explicit warning and there is sufficient support for it, a ban may be decided upon.

In this case, your ban is part of the last category. Warnings which have been given were made in the first category. For both, the violations which were made were not severe.

If you have any questions, let me know.
I may be unable to answer them, as I am busy irl. Alternatively, try asking ZeroG. They may also be inactive, but they can learn from their mistake when it comes to relaying messages and they may be available more than I am.

Thank you for this much more reasonable reply and for correcting yourself upon the misunderstanding, mistakes happen to us all.

On the topic of the last 2 catagories i do not know what rule i consistently broke, (i did receive a warning to drop a particular subject one day and it was immediately done. I happily accept if anyone can prove otherwise).

The final rule states “If someone continuously breaks the rules after explicit warning and there is sufficient support for it, a ban may be decided upon.”
I already know i did not continue to break any rules and i again welcome and evidence otherwise.

I believe this banning to be conjured up rumours between 2 moderators that have a friendly relationship and neither can provide any valid reason to have applied this permanent ban other then a clash of personality and interests.

I regulary used this discord for conan related discussions and engaged in friendly banter with other players that was not abusing or demeaning in any way.

I consider this kind of treatment from said moderators to be borderlining harrassment. I do not understand why these moderators would have to correct eachother when discussing the ban if both their information is being considered true.

Other then someones personal opinion about me, regarding who i am as an individual, i have not seen or heard any valid reason to permenantly ban me from your conan community. This is sad to see your happy to allow, as u said, beginners who are moderating, to group together and bully, through power, someone out of this fantastic community.

This is my own personal opinion on how i see the situation.

Furthermore i have also put in a direct request with funcom, and the community director to have this thread uncensored as i dont believe is breaks any of their code of conduct since another volunteer moderator deemed if fit to censor.

I would like to further add at one stage i pointed out to one of these beginner moderators that they were continueing to enforce a rule that they had conjured up themselves against your already stated explanation, that this rule was not in fact a binding rule to be enforced and was, to put simply, being applied by said moderator.

I am not here trying to punish or attempting to have any voluntarily request moderstors removed. I am trying to have an unjustifiable ban removed and avoid this kind treatment of other community members.

If someone has continuously broken the rules, they have broken a number of rules and can have broken the same rule several times. They do not need to break the same rule several times to fit into this category. You do not fit in the category of being banned because you broke the same rule multiple times, but you could still have done so (you’re in the first and last categories, not in “the last 2” btw).

No, all moderators look at the case individually. If 2 moderators did not have a valid reason, the majority of moderators still did. They were all in favour of the ban.
Note, you’re being inconsistent here. You have a suspicion of an increasing number of moderators. Changing your assumptions does not make your post more credible.

In the discord’s rules, you are asked to bring up any issues with the moderation team through a DM with a discord moderator. You have had the opportunity, numerous times, to discuss these issues. The discord chat and this ban appeal are not the place to do so. You can mention your opinion here. Discussing the issue here will not change your ban (see above explanation).

You are contradicting yourself here. You are reversing cause and effect. When someone’s information is not considered true or is otherwise considered discussable, their message is corrected.
When someone posts a message regarding moderation in the staff channel, it is critically reviewed and constructively discussed, regardless if their information is correct or incorrect. Through constructive discussion it is then corrected if there is any incorrect information or similar.

The reasons for it can and have been given. You probably meant the evidence.
I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, the moderation team can not share any further details on your ban.
The moderation team deletes posts permanently unless otherwise noted. Someone’s posts are not archived and the moderation team does not have the responsibility to do so.
‘Keeping’ messages or screenshots also does not contribute to moderation, as this is not easy to re-connected with the original discussion and can be easily manipulated.
Furthermore, Discord intends deleted messages to be deleted.

When asked, they answered as follows:

in my opinion it[’]s a thing that should bring it[be brought] up in a DM[,] not in a Public section on the Forum[.] then other users could[n]'t know what is truth[e].

This is only fyi. Discussion on forum moderation should not be held in this thread (also, forgive their lack of grammar. they are not native english).

Just to verify, by “direct request” you mean a Direct Message, correct?
In case it was not a direct message, but through the company’s PR site/e-mail or through the CM’s PR e-mail, I should note that this is not handled through these adresses. All forum issues are handled through flagging and DMs.

I understand that this may have come across as a moderation action. They have explained they were asking this, implicitly “not as a moderator, but as a regular user”. This can also be distinguished by the absence of a mention of the rules. They are free to do so.
I will ask them to only do this sparingly and to explain it is not meant as moderation.

On another note, I have talked with the discord moderator who banned you and gave them some feedback regarding how they followed procedure. I hope they learn from this for future moderation.
The moderation team has also made a change internally with their procedure (which can not be mentioned publicly). It will help to know what actions have been taken. I hope this will prevent confusion when communicating with users, as was the case here. :slight_smile:

Please do not put words into my mouth you are the one that said “multiple main moderators” which has changed my statement from 1 - 2.

Like i said in the past. The moderator who banned me has 0 legitiment reason to do so and as a Chosen of Asure i guess i expected more reasoning from you and to not just side with ur power hungry moderator.

I consider these actions disgusting behavior and a blight on the community.

I have no other word then how utterly disappointed i am that u allow people to be banned this way with no proof or evidence.

I simply sit here and shake my head.

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