Discover an exciting 40-slot server in the Exiled Lands!

Greetings, fellow gamers! Seeking a server with minimal restrictions, a mature 18+ atmosphere, and the nostalgic vanilla exiles map? Unleash your imagination as you construct your own world, relishing a level 100 cap and swifter resource gathering. Look no further than Eden’s Embrace – your ultimate gaming haven! With limited building constraints and adaptive gameplay, you’re free to explore endless possibilities while staying within reasonable limits. Experience the thrill of tasteful modifications designed to enhance your enjoyment, especially for those 18+ moments. So, dive in and let the fun begin in this brand-new server with expansive lands waiting for you to create the home of your dreams. Discord Eden

  1. Devious_Desires
  2. Commando2
  3. Beyond_Decor_II
  4. Dudes_Creative_Constructions
  5. Dudes_Delightful_Decorations_Deux
  6. Emberlight
  7. ExilesExtreme
  8. Improved_bodies_male_textures
  9. No_Building_Placement_Restrictions
  10. maleNewFaces
  11. Female New Faces
  12. Improved Bodies - Female Textures
  13. Masculinizer B
  14. etter_gen S
  15. avage_Wilds
  16. SvS_Extended
  17. SvS2
  18. Shanis-Stuff Tattoo_and_more
  19. RA Ideapoet_EditAppearance
  20. Pippi
  21. ShipsOfTheExiled
  22. ExpandedMap
  23. LevelTo100
  24. UnlockableContainers
  25. FullBodyLoot
  26. Cheaper_Structures
  27. MaterialCostUpgrade
  28. SH_BuildingKit
  29. Kingdoms_and_Conquest

Haven’t seen anything about females
So i guess you are on your own.

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Everyone is welcome the server is named after the show the boys…

I can change the name of the server If that will help.

I meant no harm, I would love for you to give us a try.

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I would love to give your server give me name again

Eden’s Embrace

Bu the way can’t type

Discord link if you would like it Eden