Discussion: A Balancing Act

Certainly not, but there are a couple of very relevant differences between TSW and SWL.

  1. Inventory space was a lot cheaper in TSW, making it much easier to store multple gear sets
  2. It was quicker and easier to get a full set of high-level gear in TSW than it is in SWL.

In other words, obtaining and keeping multiple gear sets was much easier in TSW than it is in SWL.


I’m talking about playing content at the minimum IP, like I did from e1-9 (and presumably will at e15-17 if it’s possible to tank in gear I have)

I’m only looking at the public news post here, if they’ve finally got around to the suggestion that people will only play multiple roles if they can level up alternate gear quickly (eg. by making E10 drop E10-quality non-upgradeable items, like tsw’s nightmare dungeons did) then that’s a bit different from “we’ll let you change the type of your glyphs for free once”

and all I’m saying is, I’m not getting rid of my dps gear, so items to swap glyph types won’t actually help me to tank.


My expectation is that when at IP level for the content you are playing it will require the specific roles to be filled with the appropriate gear to fufill those roles. The reason for this is that if player A who is in full dps gear shows that they can tank a dungeon at there max IP level then player B who is a fully spec’d tank is going to say why the hell did I bother to spec as a tank. This is not to say that you wont be able to “Tank” content at a level lower then your current IP in a non optimized tank set or even full dps set but my expectation is this wont be the case for content that matches your IP. (Healing and DPS might have a bit more flexibility given that there glyph setup should be similar)

As for gearing up multiple sets easily I wouldn’t expect any sort of fast track. Like i mentioned previously the gear system in SWL is not and can not be anything like TSW due to its importance in the games revenue system. So there will be some effort involved in making a separate set I would imagine as there should be but again this is mostly speculation. We could all be in for a bigger surprise then we expected come Friday.


Good thing they mentioned something about free keys, ay?

I say do as you please. Then, if you find you can’t do things the rest of us can, then reconsider.

The idea of “dps” gear is a bit old fashioned already I think.
Anima Allocation will make your gear tank gear, stat wise.
Frankly none of the tank talisman effects, or dps talisman effects (or healing) for that matter, have ever been critical to the success of performing the role.
Can they help? Sure.
Necessary to not fail? No.

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A favor to ask those that will log into the test server, as I likely will not. Can someone keep us posted on what the changes are and your thoughts on what the new tanking/dps meta will be? Thanks.

edit: I’m especially interested in any changes to the weapons/talis and what the “new set of talis” are. thanks

A few requests for the devs: Since the patch will likely require us to level new gear, is there anyway to skew the distribution of distillates more towards talisman, rather than weapons. We generally need way more tali distillates than weapon distillates.

Also, would it be possible to reduce or make free the MOF cost to take out signets/glyphs from gear for a set period after the patch hits? thanks

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I guess this means I have to remember how to play the dungeons again.

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A lot of the discussion if I understand correctly will be in these forums. In fact its given its very own section.

We ninja patched in with the Anniversary reduced costs to recover Glyphs and Signets. Recovering a Legendary Glyph or Signet costs 4,000 Marks of Favour now, and the price scales down for lower tiers.

Originally the intent was to have this bundled with the rebalance, but it happened to sneak through and go out with the Anniversary.

Also, there are systems in place in the rebalance that address your distillate concerns - More info will be coming on Friday :slight_smile:


changes are nice, but it looks like another wipe and grind we had during relaunch. But lets say it was improved.

when aa system was introduced the main problem was not soloing, but rather lack of tanks in q. with new grind it looks like we are back to basics and these problems. how many would like to break gear and grind again for tanking… which is not popular role. lets add tiny population right now to the count

also da grind again?

and based on old statistics not many are interested in group content. So for most people dd gear would mean faster content completion. Unless you rebalance things completely for example da similar to nm gatekeeper test in classic tsw ( so instead of damage incoming damage or healing taken into account) what is a point of another set then? just for five and half dungeons and single raid?

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Not sure where you’re getting that from.

I saw that a few days ago. Did some much needed movage of a bunch of Max signets.

It’ a good news. Before to create a new content it’s better to correct the inconsistencies in the game and first by the core of the gameplay. The homogeneity of end-game content is primordial with the scalling tech and this need a long time with a little team. Congratulations at all our little team.

Excited to see what will happen next for the game, a solid core start to be build :ok_hand: :+1:


Oh, I outgrew the mof economy a while ago, free keys’ only effect for me is raising the number of people in the queue, and lowering the value of any loot that was still worth anything. I’ve got idk, 2 million mof and 20k aurum ready if I need to ease any transitions with money.

I’m assuming tank gear will either just get new effects or be multiplied up into contention cause obviously making content require “+800 protection when you apply debilitate” is impossible. If the tank’s HP is that marginal, or the healer’s ability to keep up with damage is that marginal, you can’t keep up with the ±10% RNG on nominally identical hits. I’d say a decent healer can probably work with a <20% margin of safety but most will want more like 100-200% extra available.

welp, you know what assuming does


Actually, quite a few people have asked for healers to be relevant again, because they like playing healers.


You seem to have missed something in the announcement topic, so I’ll just copy-paste it here for you convenience:

We will be giving everyone a set of Glyph Exchangers for free when the rebalance reaches Live

And I would like to also point out that saying the only good thing about the combat system as it is now, is that you don’t need healers, is not nice to all the people who would like to play healers, and there still are some. For them, hearing they will be relevant again is good news.
Especially considering they will have the opportunity to switch to healer glyphs (talis don’t matter that much, let’s face it).

Now, before saying it will be more difficult, maybe wait until the beta hits the ground? You know, not make any assumption before seeing what it’s like?


So what was the point of anima allocation then?
You already forgot the problems game had before it was available?

Except gear in TSW was massively easier to obtain. Getting to 10.4 was trivial. after playing few months I had full sets for every role.

I’m playing SWL for 3 years now - much much more then I played TSW and I’m still on yellow level of gear, and that’s E9 not E17

Why do you care about how Funcom sees fit spending their resources? That’s not your problem.
It’s been said multiple times that it’s a way worse idea to release old dungeons with the current SWL’s gameplay problems and the lack of scalable content above E10. Now that this has been all done and the systems are ready to receive properly balanced and reworked old dungeons back, maybe!

You’ve been quoted about this above. A set of exchangers, in my book, is a number strictly superior to 1, and quite likely superior to 2 since you won’t use the word set to say “a couple”.

Ok, so the sustain tanking meta exists since August 2017, less than 3 months after release of the game. The glyphing meta developped between that date and the arrival of Anima Allocation, which was in November 2017. Based on that, please, stop playing the victim card now. It’s been over 2 years.

Ok at this level, all i have to say is: i guess you were drunk when you’ve made the post. How is that tanking would become harder when you introduce a healer to support you & split the responsibilities so you, as a tank, won’t be carrying 10 different utilities such as cleansing / purging / interrupting? Bruh…

I’ll personally pass, almost every single “new content” that we had so far was disappointing. I’m super happy that we actually get some rebalance & old content back.

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This has been addressed by some replies. The grind has been changed. Can you all please stop with this?

I’ve got bad news for you: either you’re a liar (you don’t play as much as you claim), or you’re a serious slacker. My 2 alts are at yellows, and i barely play them. They exist for less than a year.