Discussion: A Balancing Act

Playing my low level healer now and boy the grenade rate is garbo without crit glyphs huh. AR mainhand solo dps and I load enough grenades to use High Explosive Grenade. (1 about every 8 burst fires). I suppose grenade-increasing passives are non-optional if you want access to Incendiary Grenades.

And you are sure you didnt just miss one happening?

I am 1,000% positive. Someone even said it was a bug, and I thought they were mistaken and thought it was new for higher elites.

I’d take some screenshots and report it as a bug in the bug forums. You’re supposed to get the “survivor is being possessed” warning which gives you time to run up and hit F on them to un-possess them and fight off the ghost.

Right. I’ve been doing these for over three years, and this has never happened. That’s what made me think it was new. It’s only happened three times out of the 20-30ish I ran this weekend in E15-E17. I go in duo, so sometimes the other person kills it before I get there.

The third time I told the person to hold off so I could see if I could cleanse it or something, and they killed it before seeing the chat.

When I got The Hessian today, my first thought was „hey Abbath“ but then I looked more closely at the corpse paint pattern…

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Just wanted to share this build that got 34k DPS from a three minute parse. Works really well in dungeons, regionals, MBs, and DA (except GK! nope!). When I parsed in regionals, I was getting around 36k-38k DPS.

This build is meant to keep spirit blade for Seventh Son of Energy, so no Whispering Tide.

Blade Actives:
Flowing strike
Swallow Cut
Supreme Harmony (Going to need energy as quickly as this will cool down, and it’s good damage boost when you have to use your basic to build energy.)

Blade Passives:
Deluge (good only when you keep spirit blade)
Keen Edge
Focused Breathing
Master’s Focus (cools down elite, Supreme Harmony)

Fist Active:
Eviscerate (for Exposed and an interrupt)
Savagery (Cools down at the same time as Hone, so I like use them together) I tried a few weapons in this single slot, but when I switched to Fist-Savagery, it put me over the top.

Head is Tachyon to cooldown the specials and Bladestorm signet to cooldown elite, Supreme Harmony.

Agents: Victor Cromely, Montgomery de la Roche, Virgil

Gadget: Vali Metabolic

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so looks like i was right after all. Logged just recently since august. In short:

  • less dungeon groups, less tanks and healers change made things worse
  • tanking become more boring
  • you need to grind stuff now
  • nerfing some weapons havent changed much. ar and hammer still the best.Very poor handling of cf
  • dungeons mechanics kinda meh, miles behind tsw classic
  • and finally who cares about penthhouse
  • no new content on radar anytime soon

As for good changes live xp boost from scens and zero cost for keys. Overall patchdone way more wrong than good. It would be different if tsw had 10x or more active population

Free keys is nice, should have been done from the beginning,
I dunno what you are doing wrong but I get more dungeons and groups than I did before in more tiers than i did before, with more people than I did before. Ranging from e5 to e16. From what I see with the groups I run with I don’t see them complain about how boring it is, but I do see them discussing the dungeons, the builds, the mechanics and weapons and abilities of the group and the mobs, healers finally having a relevancy in their support role and much more discussion going on over mechanics than vs pre patch “Just go dps” and nothing being said or needed to be done by anyone else but dps.

I also see a mixture of “yay penthouse” and “oh no penthouse” it certainly gains more reaction than no reaction and again, discussion on who’s doing what and where one is going to be.

Content - who knows, not even you. Speculation will always be. You’ve been told already that the rebalance could be a precursor to new content.
(whatever and whenever that may be, at this point I don’t even care if it happens or not)

You always needed to grind stuff. (but i’ve zoomed through at least 2500 ip since patch, and i arrived back in game much later than patch had landed. Pre patch it would have needed MUCH more grinding to get that)

Dungeon mechanics are actually not as bad as meh.

No idea about weapons cos none of that interests me to take note.

TSW population wavers between >0 & <15 (not including alts)

I also haven’t seen you online often enough (And i’m online a lot) to warrant this kind of half baked review.
Perhaps its not what you know but who you know in this case and that the problem may lay at your end rather than within the game.

Overall, no, you are not right. Your opinions are subjective and based on little playtime and perhaps in a narrow bandwidth of experience.

I would at this point post a meme with an image of buddha giving some great advice saying
"Try not to be a . . " - But I think you get the point.

Have a good day.


Just recently? How much have you played since you’ve logged in?

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played couple days before this post.did several 17th as tank, dps, cleanse tanked hr with shot fist.

in case you interested i will tell some griefs

  1. tank need less impairs, handling of macroshock is poor attempt of making healer viable. before if you ignored macro it was -1 teammate.
  2. dr klein cast is just a joke really. probably of all dungeons i like dw more or less everything else become less interesting
  3. shield in he should be cleansable instead have lifeburn
  4. there are way less people in q, less healers, less tanks. even if you need one dps finding one rakes longer. ofc i have big fl but wanted to try getting random group
  5. nerfing ksr is laughable at best.
  6. it was tanking and heal patch, but it also affected dps of ar, whole dps overhaul of blade , dps nerf of chaos. still no fixes for blood, shot, fist dps
  7. making two accu for donjons and raids mandatory is bad attempt to tone down dps
  8. nerf of cruel and mandatory heal weapon passive is also poor attempt of making heals mandatory
  9. all fights become longer but less interesting
  10. very poor handling of some abilities. And cf was dps ability which was removed - ability that was used by everyone, why not change other useless ability.
  11. very poor handling of tanking self heal tali and tanking weapons - lycan, starspawn, frost bound.
  12. where is nemain healing and tanking version?
  13. less fun builds like hammer ar leechtanking

overall instead of proper gradual changes this patch tries to fix broken things from start poorly like a poor big bang. and i see it affected q in bad way.

i see in the end there are less people playing based on my fl, steamcharts so in the end it is bad… this patch havent helped

There are less people in the E17 queue than there used to be in the E10 queue but I don’t think that’s cause less people are playing

KSR was hilariously broken in terms of what output you could do with it. Being surprised that it landed on the chopping block is something I will never get. Not like shifting metas are new to any multiplayer game.

Main objective was making tanking on higher elites work. Sustain Tanking always was the patchwork solution. Like around e8 damage numbers got ridiculous to the point were you hit those buttons or you were a pancake. Not seeing how any higher content would have worked. So damage was reduced together with not healer healsources and healers got changed with a lot of ability changes to seperate those two clearer.
Why did Blood, AR and Blade get extra attention on the dps side: Because they were outliers. Be it in their damage capability being low or high or their mechanic being a big hassle of selfmurder and mutilation.

Anyone running e12 or e13 DA should already have it. 2 Accuracy didn’t come with the rebalance but around Occult defense when past e10 tier content started suddendly existing. Since then we got stronger BiS Talismans, sometimes weapons, 4 pip talismans and if I am not remembering wrong 4 pip GLYPHS.
And with new S&P it isn’t even hard getting a second accuracy up.

One might note that enemies also started to not smack your face in with one hit. The amount of healing you need for solocontent like DA got greatly reduced. And all weapons have at least some tool to mitigate it to a level where the nerfed cd and the healpassiv can deal with it. Ele has living flame, sword never was bad at selfhealing, pistol has clean slate and the rest is either tank or healweapon where you either mitigate stuff to levels it doesn’t pain you or heal through it. Do all work equally well. No, but that wasn’t new, that always was a thing that different weapons are good at different things.

CF had two issues:
A.It crashed people. The code got reinforced and reinforced but at some point you had to accept that as long as it existed CF crashes were along for the ride.
B. It wasn’t balanced. Like not a subjective “I feel like it was too strong” but an objective “whoever should have done the balancing didn’t”

So the choice was between either dividing the damage values of CF by 7 (and trust me…you wouldn’t have liked that) or changing it completely.

A lot of stuff never made it. Like there have been a lot of things ready to be tackled (like healing blood weapons) but time wasn’t there. The rebalance wasn’t intended to take as long as it did but the task of rebalancing tanking and healing just scope creeped hard. I think if you look at things like Signet of Vitalization and Signet of Resilience it becomes clearer that they probably know a lot of issues where fixing them took time that wasn’t there.

But if you feel like I was wrong about a point or that another point should have really made it in. There was a PUBLIC beta. But that is hard, right? Far easier to complain after the fact.


People complained for missing elite dungeons for a while and than they get it and someone complains that it is the “wrong” one. Do I even need to bet that if the other elite dungeons came people would complain that it is the “wrong content” being brought back.

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oh come on, but first i dont mind weapon balancing.

ksr handling was bad, because it was not a problem. Real problem IS that blood, fist, sword, shotgun, chaos, ele dps (primary) were BAD. Is problem solved? NO. How it has to be handled? Other weapons had to be looked. Its mmo combat system design 101 come on.

Cf handling is hilarious. Imagine you have sport car and something happened with engine so its driving slow. so you go to service and technician says nah i dont know what to do ive replaced your engine with very slow one and as a bonus ive uinstalled cdrom drive yay. If something cause crashes fix it not remove problem. If you really cant solve problem in ability you designed use another animation problem solved.

As for cruel delight, what if they left it as is, so we dont need to use passives and had better room for builds. It is just poor attempt of toning down dps and making donjon healers viable. And very cheap one

as for dungeons, this game is 3y live and they cant bring back content from original like scenarios which were fun, pvp, dungeons and raids.

Thing is, KSR was a problem. Granted, it was more of a problem with AR as a whole, that got sorted out. And as the KSR was taking full advantage of that problem, it simply got nerfed as what was effectively an exploit went away. You claim to want build diversity, but KSR was the antithesis of that.
They tried to fix CF. Multiple times. They could never get rid of the issue that made it crash people because they could never find out exactly what it was. So they did the next best thing and got rid of it entirely. Which, since it was also broken (as in hilariously unbalanced), was entirely justified.
There are more scenarios than there used to be in TSW, unless OD existed all along and I wasn’t aware of it. S&P was horrible in TSW far as I’m concerned and I’m glad they were made better (not to mention getting rid of augments).
As for dungeons, give them a bit more time. The rebalance had to happen before they could work at balancing the missing ones. Because they too are hilariously broken.
Last thing is: toning down deeps is an issue if you don’t also adjust the enemies’ HP. Except those were adjusted. So if you hit for less but also have less to hit for, what do you get? You got four hours, dictionaries are authorised, pocket calculators, smart phones and computers are not.

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In regards to KSR - when i heard they were changing the nemain from buffing the IG i didn’t understand, because i didn’t realise it was buffing something it shouldn’t be, which caused an unintended result - once explained to me, i understood why it needed to be done.

In regards to CF - i never experienced the crashes others did, but saw many people mention it. I saw that it was even to the point where in game some people didn’t want you to use it around them because of the crashes. I can understand why it needed to be changed.

In regards to Cruel Delight - I don’t use it as a dps and dont use it in DA nor in any of my builds. I use Laceration. I have other ways of healing me via offhand weapon if i need to.

As for other content, i’m past caring at this point its been so long, i don’t care if any of it returns or not. Of course it would be nice, but once you wait and wait too long the moment it could have meant something soon leaves you.
Like waiting too long for a punchline of a joke - it just isn’t funny.