Discussion about bugs, rendering issues, and other major problems

Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: [ Crash/Error/Misc]
Region: [western canada]

Well, well, well funcom. You made a game that could potentially have the title “game of the year” on it. Please make bugs/exploits/rendering issues a top priority instead of the dlc and If you do decide to add a map like a cave system or new biome above the jungle. Look at the bugs that might come out of it with glitch finders and bug/exploit testers.

Steps on how to reproduce/possibly fix issue:(please get rendering and frame rates up. Get rid of the ability to build masive mega structure that cross the map(i.e;trumps wall 3790) archer towers on obelisks. Tried to find a server thats pvp works for my work hours. Searched 2 hours before we found thing close.

1.die falling, or have your body roll down a steep cliff, or rocks npcs can glitch through. break any binding while running and your thrall dissapears.

2.look for body on death or where you last had the thrall on rope break. Find that its invisible, glitched, or gone(probably under the ground)

  1. start over from getting your level suited gear. find that t4 legendary again. Loose all stuff due to scarceness of small mobs that drop feral flesh/no sources of close water. Usually i carry 3 stacks of food and 3 water skins. Still hard to find baisic resources in the largely empty and void portions of desserts(village wells, possibly small agro bug mobs) and highlands(more water streams/creeks) areas.

  2. rope breaks thrall dissapears into ground. Legendary/named thrall doesnt show up for weeks.

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If you are level 28+ press berries, desert or highland, for pulp. Stacks to 100, better hydration, less weight. In case you didn’t know anyway. If you do disregard.