Dismantled by accident

Online official | #1214
No confirmation asked for dismantling a building

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who deleted / dismantled a building by accident. Today at 20:40 on the #1214 server I accidently hovered my mouse cursor over “dismantle” of my armored animal pen and apparently I clicked by accident. The pen contained a greater sabertooth, a tiger cub and two rocknoses, so it was obvious an accident :frowning:
Please make a confirmation screen because this can happen too easily. The most devistating thing about deleting the animal pen by accident was because I had it tucked away in the base of my building and I will never get another one there. Please fix this and if it’s possible please put back the pen in the base of my building or atleast return the materials for building a new pen. Thanks.


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