Dismantling Bench not working properly after (broken) 3/14 update

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 471559/36636 Synergy
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Dismantling Bench is not working properly. When I click an item from my inventory to move it to dismantle, does not go in the queue now, instead goes into the lower area where normally you would retrieve the mats from dismantled items. Now have to drag it to upper (queue) in order to get it dismantled. Laborious when trying to dismantle a lot of items.

Bug Reproduction:

none. happened after the severely broken 3/14 update


This was also reported during the Beta Testing but made it to Live. Funcom, please fix. Some of us like to dismantle our garbage instead of polluting.


I noticed this as well, but I’ve just been clicking and moving it up to the proper area and it dismantles.

The old dismantling bench was a bit slow, but it gave you the chance to remove something you may have accidentally added. This new bench is much faster, so it’s almost a fail safe, you place it in, then move it up, giving one enough time to make sure they haven’t messed up.

Granted, the bench would be better and faster if we could just put it in and have it dismantle, but figured I’d try to look at the small positive that some may see in it.

This is also an issue on PS5 :slight_smile:


Seconded. On PC using a controller, which used to be 1 button to dismantle (which was perfect) suddenly switch to like 5-8 presses depending on how many slots got filled, has become quite annoying.

I know, broken dungeon phasing is making people lose thralls, and unearned bans from false currency revoking, so we’re probably low on the list, but still :frowning:

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Confirmed here. Would be a nice bug fix and soon.


It’s actually not just the dismantling bench. Anything that should auto fill into a particular slot is basically going into inventory instead. Try shift-clicking a blacksmith, for example, and watch it go into the blacksmith bench inventory instead of the thrall slot. Have you manually drag and drop. Annoying.


Same problem. Established character. Created armor pieces for the new crap journey system and now the dismantling bench wont dismantle them.
Every release makes this game more tedious and un-fun. IMO.


I didn’t place a new bench. This is the same bench I’ve been using. And it is a pain to have to drag stuff to the dismantling area when I am dismantling multiple items. :slight_smile:

Would be great if Funcom listened to Beta testers so bugs didn’t make it to final product…not sure what the point of beta testing is since they never seem to listen :slight_smile:

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Yep. I reported 5 or so bugs during beta… none of them fixed.

Pretty much SOP for Funcom now. I remember the old days of doing Test-Live, they were very dedicated to squashing bugs that we reported. I think I gave up on Test-Live a few years ago, when they stopped making an effort. I’ve grown jaded obviously. Used to defend Funcom like family, but I can’t anymore.


Acho que com a atualização ficou bem melhor que agora não podemos destrir algo sem querer ou por falta de atenção, não reportei isso justamente por ficar melhor e não acho que está melhor que antes isso ajuda muito quem inicia no conan e as vezes não tem a atenção na bancada de desmontar e evita muitos erros. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: