Dismantling Bench not working?

So the bench doesn’t work anymore at all?
I used it all the time, I liked it. Now I have to dismantle by hand just to build differently.

Are you on a single play or official or private. Xbox ps4 pc. Do you have mods in which case could we have named

Ok now that’s out on single player Xbox when I have my cost multiple 1.5 or 2 they I need two pieces of the same item in order to dismantle it but if on x3 you need 3 etc…

Also note that is same for animal pen you need two of same cub or egg to get one Incase that helps too

xbsx so no mods and use to work by putting armor weapons and such. So now I need multi of same thing to work, ok. If I understood correctly. Thanks.

Yes if you raise your cost multiple in settings it requires more than one peice but let us know if it works or not after that to see if that help

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And make sure you use 50 eladarium per delve.

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