Dismantling Bench

What is it and how do you operate it?

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Would be fantastic to use on weapons or armor you stumble across.

Look like a door.

The name up there should be the station.

The station itself was presented two days ago in that stream, or maybe they only talked about it? idk right now. But it’s supposed to break down items to their materials to have the player use them in another way.

…but what happens if we want to recycle thralls? :joy: :smiling_imp:


Yes, but how.
The ‘play’ button does nothing.

I dont know, sorry. Havent tested it myself…
Too busy playing on live… :confused:

Does it dismantle stuff as you need the materials maybe? Like it won’t do anything on its own, but you go to build something you need wood for and don’t have any wood at the time, it looks in the bench and takes apart the door or something else made with wood.

I’m just guessing here.

That’s my guess also, but how?
Play button does nothing

Possible it is still a work in progress. I have not had a chance to look at it.

Edit: I did some more checking on this one. Since they are not in the office I cannot confirm my suspicions on this work bench.

I have seen this happen in the past where something shows up in TestLive that is not game ready. Yes, It is not working and will not dismantle anything. It is a player requested item for the game. Until it is ready (functional), I do not think we will see it in the game. They currently have other items on their priority list, but that does not mean that they will not surprise us with this gem.


Mh… I think it’s not the doors which are the stations, but rather them being inside of such a station.

However… I do feel an urge to install testlive yet again…
Even though (or probably because?) I’ve got to visit my father in law tomorrow… Dont wanna…

edit: downloading right now. :woozy_face:

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This is what it looks like.

Not sure if it will need a thrall. Other thing I noticed is that it presently is not craft-able. I actually had to Admin Spawn it in to look at it and check it out.


Ah okay!
To be honest I was wondering why it was already in the game according to this thread.
They only talked about this on the stream two/two and a half days ago while not telling that it already was on the current testlive. Makes sense if it doesnt yet work properly…

Others noticed that it does not do anything. You put something in to it and then it starts, but does nothing.

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There are two mods currently available: Strays Back to the Fire, which recovers some metals when you put items into a furnace and ItemSalvage, which currently lets you craft a recycling device (looks like a grinder today) and it recovers components from almost anything you put in it. ItemSalvage author has plans for making a bench that would take advantage of a thrall for improved recovery rates.

Looks like Funcom is going to obsolete both of them, so a big high five to both for inspiring Funcom to make the change :slight_smile:

This is what I love about modding communities.


According to Robtheswede during the twitch stream, he was specifically inspired to make this feature by a Minecraft mod. Which I found interesting. He didn’t say when, it could have been something on his lists of projects for a while now, but just I love how developers are not afraid to pull inspiration from other games AND their mods too.

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There is a third mod which does recycling. Glasconstructions and more has also a recycling bench. But as I know the Modder he probably will change this when Funcom will bring his own system.

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Hey there,

The dismantling bench is still a work in progress and the current version available on Testlive is just a temporary, non-functional asset. It will be released to Testlive once our team has finished working on it :slight_smile:


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