Dismantling by Hand not bench

The dismantling bench was great when it gave more resources, now arrows just sit there, why not remove the bench and have the option to dismantle parts by hand,would require the player to do this and not leave the bench to do everything while the player is out doing other stuff

I’m a bit dismayed that we can only dismantle stuff at the bench. Utilising my reasoning, I should be able to dismantle stuff and then rebuild them if the separated items stay intact enough, right?

There should be some objects you can dismantle by hand easily. Things that don’t necessarily require a crafting station to make outright should be easy to take apart by hand. Stone weapons are an excellent example. It’s just stone and branches, some twine depending. I made it by hand, I can dismantle it by hand.

I understand armors and the like, you needed tools to put it together so you’ll need tools to completely take it apart without damaging it or ruining the pieces you’d like to reuse. But you should be able to tear it apart by hand as well, you’ll just lose some materials cause you didn’t use proper tools to pull things apart.

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Exactly so.

Dismantling requires tools, which then means to dismantle on one self, you’d need carry abunch of said tools.

The bench is prefect thing. (granted, its a giant grind wheel) It would look more like Upgraded armor bench out of anything…

Pulling rivets and threads threads by hand is a pain in butt. Not mention the glue parts. I think my kit has about 17tools in all, (little shy of 10pounds) I don’t even know half names… I make up names for them thou.
Hell, theres a paint shaver in there, cause it was 1$ and cheaper then real version to split pieces of glued gear. >_>
(I work conomatics/cnc and some other stuff, and wear padded gear, I often take apart and recycle into new work clothes, for me and others) I do abit of roofing and house stuff.
So taking worn out knee pads or Studded tool belt and fixing/refurbishing it requires alot of work.
Not something you do by hand.

Granted someone like Conan could rip/tear apart some stuff…but then your destroying most of it. Tools make it so you save most of it.

We should likely put a Thrall on workbench for task really. (same way we put BS/WW/Tan etc on Artisan bench.

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