Dismantling Cimmerian armor creates perfected padding!

I just wanted to let others (who have problems farming oil in the new update) know that you can easily get perfected padding by farming Cimmerian Steel armor from the cimmerian NPCs at the mounds of the dead! Each armor item creates one perfected padding, medium or heavy depending on the set item you dismantle (fur armor giving medium, the heavy version giving heavy).
You also get lots of other materials like hardened leather and steel.
This is a really great way to farm padding for your new armors or to get materials to repair your current one!

Hope that helps some people to overcome the crazy need for oil currently :slightly_smiling_face:


In the latest update to testlive it appears that Cimmerian armor no longer drops perfected padding. At least the Epic Heavy Cimmerian Gauntlets I dismantled didn’t give me one. Just a heads up for when the patch goes live.

Ah damn that’s a shame, but at least oil will be easier to make :slightly_smiling_face:

Why didn’t you go into SP and spawned a full heavy set and dismantled it to proof your findings?

I don’t use the admin panel to spawn things. I just play like I’m playing a normal game. Sorry.

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