Dismantling Stables with horse in-training gives foal in lootbag

I had 4 stables all training a foal (they were all about 1/4 trained) and I deleted them all with shift-delete. All four foals appeared in loot bags. Is that intentional? I’m cool with it, it makes sense at all but for some reason i think it’s just maybe not intended and that the foals should be destroyed instead.

Oh and the food they consumed also appeared in the lootbags . . . 1 shadespiced highland berry for each.

You can always pull Foals (and all baby pets I believe?) out of the pet pen/stable mid-training and get them back “clean”. This is different from Thralls which are destroyed if removed from the Wheel prematurely.

So it probably makes sense for the same to happen should you choose to dismantle the Stables.


This is the correct and expected behavior. It’s the same way if you remove a Rocknose from an Animal Pen, before it’s finished processing the piece of stone that it’s munching: you get that piece of stone back – same with Pebblenoses and whatever you were feeding them.


Ah, thanks @Mikey and @Laratheil. I don’t train pets very often, just thralls, so this felt out of place to me.

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