Dismemberment in moderation

From an immersion point of view, I’d prefer less dismemberment. Heavy weapon kills, sure, but daggers or fists causing severed spines or multiple amputations? Every fight seems to give the npcs the obiwan kenobi treatment; severing an arm and both legs, unless they give the obiwan reverse treatment where they just vanish alltogether.


I agree, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes just stupid: I understand my character is dead by thirst while I was afk, I understand a little less how thirst could cut off her head…

mmm Maybe she tryed so hard to reach the statue of refreshment to drink while I was afk her head just taken off :wink:

Every hostile npc I’ve confronted has vanished into thin air, blasting their blood everywhere and then appearing to the ground sliced like a fine cut pig. I mean I’m good, but I’m not THIS good. :joy:

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