Dismounting horse near wall will glitch you into the wall

Game mode: [ Select one: Online official]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug]
Server type: [ Select one: PvE-Conflict]
Region: [ America 3829 ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Pro ]

Bug Description:

I don’t feel like typing, so here’s a video:

Expected Behavior:

I expect a working game.

Steps to Reproduce:

*Mount a horse near a wall or structure. Then dismount it and get stuck between the horse and structure. You won’t be able to jump or mount the horse or anything. The only fix is to remove your bracelet. *

Hi. Your video didn’t show you select “move and guard” is that not working anymore?

Also, I guess that is a no climb area on the wall right?

How about the using just the “move” command?

It’s the Unnamed City. Walls are climbable, unable to have a thrall or horse guard in the Unnamed City. That was the Red Mother that is dead there. As you’re pinned in the wall you cannot jump. All you can do is roll without moving. It doesn’t matter where this is done. Honestly it is fun when you do it against a door or gate because you can’t even open the door/gate. If you get it at just the right angle, you can even glitch under the map and snipe other players without them even knowing where you are. Great exploit from an annoying bug.

I see, I appreciate the explanation. I just got hit with the same bug, but it was a chair.

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