Dispersing corpses a game breaker

Losing corpse after boss fight really frustrating. Put bedroll close by, lost fight and come back to no corpse. Get locked in room with Boss again with no armor or weapons or food, die of course. Come back and that corpse is not there, wtf this game is crap. Not going to grind again for fear. Done

“Dispersing corpses”

That makes me imagine a crop duster scattering powdered human remains across a field.

I don’t think that’s the word you were looking for but I understand your point. That would make me want to quit playing too.

Heh, I had visualized whole corpses scattered about, possibly with a goblin in a monocle trying to sell them.

The only time I lost a corpse so far, I assumed it was due to time, but it WAS in a boss room.
The other two corpses that I did recover, were on the way to the boss room, hmmm.

I’d love for such goblins to exist in the game.

I haven’t had any problems with corpse recovery myself but I do see a lot of reports on the issue, so it definitely is a problem for many people.

Thanks for the response guys and sorry for the spelling, disappearing was of course what I meant. Cheers

I think sometimes the corpse is right below ground level. I lost 2 corpse at dregs boss room that way. The corpse was half sunk in the ground, and I could not interact with it to retrieve my items. Now I only use cheap steel weapon and fight with cheap raider armor. No more using exotic stuff.

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