Disposal system for Thralls

With the new thrall limit coming in, it would be handy to have a useful way to dispose of thralls that leveled up poorly or are otherwise no longer needed. A useful disposal mechanic would also give maxed-limit clans a reason to keep breaking thralls and participating in that part of the game.

My immediate thought is human sacrifice to gods. Sacrifice and get a long lasting (24 hour?) “blessing” buff or a good consumable item. Effectiveness could scale to thrall level, sacrificing a level 20 would give a sizable increase over a level 1.

Second thought is simply a thrall vendor. Sell them for gold & silver, always needed for alc powder. Also scaleable and probably easier to implement. Yes, this would make us active slave traders.

We have waited more than 2 years to be able to " break bond " with a thrall , as nice as an incentive to do so with a reward I don’t think we will see this soon , but at least now we can get rid of useless thrall by “breaking bond” and there are 2 ways to do so : via the control panel by pressing E for a long time or via the follower menu ( when you open the inventory ) by "right clicking " on the thralls name.

but of course as I said a little compensation would be nice to have

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