Distance Restrictions Chessy

So the new thrall distance restrictions seem to also be applied to all NPC’s. While I think this probably solves a problem with griefing where players would kite NPC’s to a players base. It does create an opportunity to cheese just about everything in the world as long as you are patient.

So what happens is you get just outside 50 meters of the enemies spawn location the NPC will path to you and then the NPC will stop everything that it is doing to path back to it’s spawn point. It will not engage anything in it’s path on the way back to it’s spawn location.

The same can be said for thralls and pets, if you kite them to the max distance they are set to they will stop, turn around and run back to their spot. They will ignore anything along they way until they return to the set guard location, After reaching the location they will then engage the enemy again.

This allows you to trick the system. One person can pull aggro from a thrall make it follow past the 50 meters when it turns to run back other players can attack without worry of any retaliation from the thrall or NPC as it appears that the command to return home is more important then any of the other commands present.


I had noticed this AI exploit too. I don’t know how you would you go about fixing this.

Ignore damage done to them outside their max chase distance?
Let NPCs heal when they reach max distance and return to their origin?

What happens if the max chase distance is set to only 5m?

I really hope it was just a mistake instead of intentional. Kiting NPCs to a player’s base is not a problem that needs a solution like this. It’s really trivial to park your followers in places where NPCs can’t get them. And if, for some reason, you don’t want to do that, it’s also pretty easy to equip them in a way that they’ll make short work of just about any NPC you can kite to them.

I’ve seen naked Captains that stubbornly refused to die to several world bosses. I mention Captains to underscore that we’re talking about legacy level 0 thralls, since there’s no way to level them. Now imagine a group of 3 level 20 T4 volcano thralls, decked out in high tier gear. I don’t think it’s really necessary to screw up the NPC AI to protect those poor thralls.

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Worse still they normally teleport back out of thin air leaving us thinking: what sorcery is this?!

Hi @Wak4863, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, we’ve relayed it to the team.


@Hugo I did notice after some further testing that some world bosses like the scorpion king teleport back to their home location instead of walking.


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