Diversity of weapon & balance of old conan exiles weapon

well funcom i’m very happy to see the diversity of weapon and effetcs you add with isle of siptah. i think this is really the good road to follow. the crafting system added of legendary is a keypoint and i think something to focus on and develop, i cannot wait to discover it. please don’t forget to rebalance all old weapons (unammed city) & warmakers. some of those weapons are in their actual state totally useless because of nerf to death ie lifeblood, lying bastard etc… what the point of lying bastard that is a rare drop in comparaison of what you can craft…yes it’s an axe looking like a sword but that don’t give any advantage in pvp fight, in past it was working well with a damage advantage which is normal for a very rare drop. people were thinking damage of a sword, but in fact was doing damage of axe, but with more damage than an axe, so surprise for opponent.

please people add all weapons you think have been harmed too much.

my list is
lying bastard
world breaker
quevering arrows
cursed weapon of warmaker boss that nobody can use in pvp fight… : destroyer & carnage

sword of crom should get just a little bit more damage or pen, you nerfed thralls now…

add yours…

thank you

i agree too many weapons are useless now , nerf too much .
2h swords in me opinion almoust all are too weak .
I love Anihilator but i dont use it its weapons from endgame dungeon but its useless like many others.

You dont think you wont get the same ole stuff transferred to the new game?

i think there is still people that play and will conan exiles…

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