DLC Armor/Weapons -> Illusions

I was reading a bug report stating that the Khitan Bow has 1 damage higher than the other Star Metal Bows. That’s right, I did notice that too.

It’s obviously an error of the devs which will be fixed in the next patch, but this got me thinking. Now that we have Illusion System, why not just dismiss all DLCs Armor/Weapons and just turn them into Illusion Skins to apply to other Weapons ?

This way the game should be lighter, having less stuff, and also the devs will have to adjust less stuff when they change something.

And yes, I know some DLC armors are good as they have good Bonus/Armor/Insulations combo, but wouldn’t that be pay to win ? Ok, it’s a really insignificant form of p2w, but … you know, better off without it.

Now you know me, I have a very creative personality and if you ask me, I would totally change the Armor System so that Armors would be “assembled” in all their parts having full customizable options for stats and leaving all the armors we have now as illusions.

For example, I’d let the player chose how to craft his armor:

Class: Light / Medium / Heavy
Tier: Normal / Epic
Insulation: Cold (+1 Cold, -1 Heat) || None (+0 Cold, +0 Heat) || Heat (-1 Cold, +1 Heat)
Bonus: +Str || +Vit || +Armor || None || etc…

The cost is progressively calculated with each choice made:

  • Cold Insulation adds Fur (Normal) / Layered Fur (Epic).
  • Heat Insulation adds Silk (Normal) / Layered Skil (Epic).
  • +Str Bonus adds … don’t know … Demon Blood, Alchemy Base and Dragon Powder ?

The base skin will be 9 in total, 1 for each combo of Class x Insultation.

All the other Armors (except for unique armors like the Silent Legion and similar) will be just Illusion Skin cheap to craft.

But this is totally optional and I know it will require a lot of work. The first part of the proposal should be instead easier to implement and will be good for both the game itself (being lighter) and devs that wouldn’t have to change ALL the stuff from DLCs every time they change something.

This is basic problem reduction: the game is big and heavy, making it smaller when possible can only help.

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I would absolutely love it, @JohnnyWylder .

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I’ve been telling FC to do this for several months now.

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