Dlc based on kush?

Hey, I was wondering , are any plans on releasing any kush civilization
based dlc? I imagine stuff as lion maned.armours, leopard skinned shields, jaguar helmets and stuff. Instead of regular building pieces, tents with greater timmers per piece,which would be great for nomadic life, bearer crates which can be loaded on animals (size depending on animal size) great for expeditions, and various stuff? Tzuma would be proud of it…


f I’m not mistaken they want to add a dlc of each race of the game but as always they will have weather errors.
It will be the same faults that the previous dlc. And surely those who live in cold will put them to live in heat

Would be a start then… who knows maybe they will change the stats after releasing them ( coughs- like slaver)…-so I am ok with this…

Picts are reasonably close to the people of Kush in terms of feral armors and tribal designs, so I don’t fully expect Kush-themed DLC.

I do expect Blood and Sand to be Stygian, though, which will be great.

Not really… was a fan and reader of conan (the original black and white series) and I always connected kush with more zulu like stuff than savage picts… I kinda expect something like this… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I also believe that we could inspire devs in a way… so if u have more ideas about kush, feel free to post it…

Just came with the idea that tzumas spear or shield could be added to the legendaries… adding more flavour and a touch of conan ingame…

Even if we do inspire them, their plans for the remaining 2019 DLCs are set in stone and are not going to change and I highly doubt the game will be supported into 2020, so it’s probably not going to culminate in any official content.

What drives u in believeing that game will not be supported in 2020…isn’t the best selled game of funcom till now? U have any clues or ur personal thoughts?

Conan Unconquered RTS / tower defense hybrid launch imminent, big Dune game coming in 2020. I don’t think Exiles will remain profitable and will justify further content development into 2020.

I actually Believe Kush is more a mix of the Zulu like Tribes and Kingdoms like Mali and Ethiopia.

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I believe the game has a steady community now… but who knows…

Yes, I believe the same… would add to game atmosphere in my opinion

Kush, what little Howard wrote about it, is definitely more advanced and civilized than the Picts. Kush is a kingdom with “palaces and gardens” and “great bronze gates” (based on the fragment Snout in the Dark by R. E. Howard). If I read it correctly (remember, this piece was just an unedited fragment of an unfinished story), Kush is ruled by an upper class of Stygian descent, and the aborigine blacks form the lower caste, but also the bulk of its armies. Conan wanders into the capital in the middle of some unrest, rescues the king’s sister and gets a job as captain of the royal guard, but we never found out how the plot and the intrigue promised by the opening scenes would’ve unfolded.

There are primitive tribes and cultures in the deep jungles in the south (we see an example of those in The Vale of Lost Women), but Kush seems like a developed civilization on par with the Hyborian nations.

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It’s close of what we know about the historical Kush. A kingdom south of ancient Egypt in what’s now northern Sudan which had a close relation with its northern neighbour, to the point that Egyptian gods were worshipped there and a Kushi dynasty reigned upon Egypt at one time.

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