DLC Before Bug Fixes? Not Impressed

I’ve got to say, this turn of events with a DLC release has left a very bad taste in my mouth. You’re seriously trying to sell me something more in this broken game? I already paid for this game, so please try fixing the long list of bugs before working on DLC. I mean, come on. Let me list some of the various ways in which the game you’re making additional content for is already thoroughly broken:

  • Item duplication bugs - This is especially game-breaking in PvP with explosives/grease/fire.

  • Healing bugs - This is game-breaking outright, and appears to be based on a known issue involving dancers from last year. Literally a naked character can run through end-game content un-fazed, and don’t even get me started on how badly this fudges PvP up.

  • Items, corpses (including your own), bosses, and structures disappearing - Self-explanatory, and happens regularly under virtually any conditions at complete random. Sometimes, they magically reappear, too.

  • Excessive rubber-banding, framerate drops, stuttering, hanging, crashing - One of these will happen literally every 15 seconds, especially during combat. Good luck.

  • NPCs moving inside of terrain during combat and shooting ‘out’ of the ground - Yeah, that’s fun, right? No reason to patch that, just make DLC instead.

  • Bugged/exploitable structures - Pretty sure the bricks on a gateway aren’t supposed to function as a platform to stand on top of, but they do, and people exploit it regularly, especially with double jump. Among various others.

  • Missing basic features - I mean for example, there are NO facial animations? At all? My guy shouts bloody murder but his lips never move? Explosives, like the trap mine, have no animation at all whatsoever? No fire, no shockwave, nothing? Just audio ‘boom’? Man, that stuff stopped happening in games back in the 90s, how the hell are you still doing it and not ashamed?

I’ll stop here, but I could literally go on for hours.
Every. Single. Thing. Is. Bugged.
And you’re making and selling DLC.

It’s a slap in the face, and unless you guys get your act together and start fixing the game I already paid for, I guarantee you it’s the last time you’ll ever get a penny out of me or anyone else I know. Enough with the amateur hour. Even kids making flash games on Newgrounds back in the day did more QA than you guys have. Fix your product, listen to your customers, or to hell with you and your products forever more.


Hey @Soluafin, please note that patches on console take longer due to certification(no offense buddy :wink: ). The PC patch came live before and the Xbox/PS4 patch after the DLC patch due to this.

Remember No Man Lies , ARK (Waiting for CERT from Sony). Starting to take the same route this Company. Your all about the money not the gamers that want to enjoy your game. I will start my own topic i will just leave it at this.

Bravo Soluafin, you take away all that you wrote from my mouth!

Hard to enjoy a game that constantly ruins the experience itself. Bugs broken mechanics and cash grabbing, and excuses. Blame certification blame anything but facing up to fault, apparently the funcom way. This game was barely playable and continues to make the experience worse every step forward.

They have made a number of requested fixes and features. Note that the backend and technical issues behind them are much more complicated than their appearance.