Dlc foundations loosing textures & resolution

Game mode: [OFFLINE | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug | Performance

  • I play on a PS4 PRO + Complete Edition. My base is just starting to be built (not large by any stretch of the imagination.
  • I always build in small increments.
  • As well as save/exit and log back in to build a little more = rinse and repeat (i found this to help in Conan & just about every base building game i have played as to avoid issues such as save file bloat + bugs + etc…)
  • This is the first time the following issue has ever presented itself.
  • If any other players have been experiencing the same issue, please let me know via comment.

*Also my current playthrough is less than a week old + have not progressed far into anything + this is my only base.

Have noticed as of tonight that the Turanian + Arena + Khitan + Frontier & Aquilian Foundation & some Wall pieces are all jumping from degrees of texture / resolution, but mostly almost zero texture at all = below 240p (looks like a blurry mess, like i smeared grease all over my glasses)

Also at times if i remove a foundation a few existing ones around that deleted piece will gain some texure, but as soon as i move or walk over the foundations they lose all texture again :flushed:

The foundation pieces learned in game (NON DLC Building Pieces) have less texture drop for the most part, but do lose some resolution. So it seems the pieces i had to purchase are the ones worst off to non-usable completely = WTF :flushed:

Another large complaint on my end as i have purchased the Complete EDITION to have access and use of all DLC BUILDING PIECES (not just some of them and i assumed they would all work, naturally = feeling like the joke is on me lately FUNCOM and i’m not laughing)

Please tell me you are aware of this issue already and have plans for a fix = no point in building anything further until fixes/patches are inbound. I have written numerous other bug reports and general issues across the board since “Riders of Hyboria Update”.

Conan Exiles is slowly hour by hour presenting old and new issues and quickly making the game near unplayable…:flushed:

I truly hope your Team has plans, because as it stands the last update is breaking your game in a myriad of ways that were not either an issue at all or a minor one, before the last update :unamused:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Turn on game
2. Load into game
3. Bug is already waiting for me (i don’t have to do anything)
4. Is not going away regardless of turning the system off / restarting / anything :rage:

This game has slowly gone from a 9/10.
To a 5/10 for me lately (truly)
The creative nature & imagination of the game + building + pets is the only saving grace, but honestly if more bugs appear in frequency & nature i think a 5/10 is overly generous at this point :unamused:

I don’t possess all these dlc. I have only savage frontier. Still what you say is right. I have blurry textures from time to time, i confirm. Plus when i was playing solo i was crushing a lot. Sometimes walking in my own floor was like walking in the void. To many bugs before i even open the door of my house, what will i found outside, omg. Last but not least i had to raise the volume of my television because the fan of my ps4 was spinning like crazy. I know that it will sound stupid but when i started play online, every problem i had reduced to 5%. I don’t know how but it did, believe me.

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I have been falling or swimming thru dlcs stairs. May take them down and replace with non dlc stairs.


Thanks a lot for the tip. I will do this and i ll tell you if it works. However what i didn’t mention is that after i leave my facility and come back the problem is gone. The funny thing is that when i play online this problems are reduced to ‘rare occasions’. It’s realy funny, playing online should increase your console problems and not vanish them. I guess i am lucky.

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I am playing online. My understanding is offline Ps4 doesn’t process as well as a online server.

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Hello @Rawflux, thank you for your feedback, we’ll be sure to forward it to the developers and add your shared information to the corresponding issue ticket.

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I play online official and have noticed this recently. However it may be from a massive build that we are doing on the server, honestly that is what I was blaming it on. But maybe there is a problem with them. Personally it doesn’t really bother me until I want to record a video or take a screen shot.


I have seen an increase, but it was very obvious when the purge hours began last week. We had 30 players on, and it was purge time. The screen cycled between extra clear and wet clay. I have screen shots.

Note the complete lack of detail on the throne.

Lester just looks sad. I had to back a bit for this shot, and I had to catch it at just the right moment.

I play on a PS4 Pro, and I re-activated the boost setting. I’ve noticed it is better.


This has become a common issue since the last patch for me. I have been researching how to minimize this but the core issue seems to be how the system fetches the textures. I recently reinstalled the game and rebuilt my database on the ps4 and that reduced some of the other issues I was having with freezes. Building textures were still wonky but the environmental textures were ‘better’. I have also heard that installing the game to an external SSD reduces these issues as well.

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I will try tunring the boost settinf on & off in hopes that it will help somehow, though i am not optimistic regarding anything with Conan Exiles lately.

Why the game has chosen to drastically drop textures / resolution across the board at times on a PS4 PRO in offline mode (i am not sharing or competing for processing / engine power) is still beyond me and an ever growing & frustrating mystery.

But why it is now specifically choosing DLC building pieces is a clear sign that a bug has been introduced lately (last update) because if this was strictly a performance issue it would happen with everything and not specific game files seperated by DLC folders / purchases :flushed:

I have been taking plenty of video & pics documenting all this odd behaviour & talking to numerous other players / old clan mates to get a consensus of who is effected by what bugs + how frequently + how badly + which specific ones + offline or online play = what i have concluded thus far, is that most of us are all experiencing alot of the same bugs in varying amounts, but some are not experiencing any and in some cases the experience is far worst than mine and old friends / clan members are now refusing to play the game at all in any capacity due to this (hell some are even going back to Destiny 2 = which speaks volumes in itself) :open_mouth:

As for Conan Exiles running better & smoother on-line than it does in off-line mode, honestly should not make any sense and if it is true = it would mean that FUNCOM is taking a stance of delivering game quality to one group of customer & not the other, which is very alarming and upsetting if true.

I do not believe this to be the case myself so far, but i do know without zero doubt that if the games modes are seperated in this regard and the patches / fixes are primarily aimed at solving online issues, but not the offline ones = this is a massive issue in many extreme regards both to the player base & as a consumer / customer in general.

I hate repeating myself, but i will say it yet again = any & all of these problems were of non-issue prior to “Riders of Hyboria Update” or in the very least, the frequency in which they occurred was minimal enough to be ignored or worked around.

This is your culprit and i would guarantee it with my life, this is why i have retracted other game requests in sub-community sections = PLEASE no more ANYTHING (dlc + dungeons + re-works + new mechanics + new systems + etc…) Just address the issues that are currently plaguing a very large amount of your player / customer base and maybe look into older bugs that have never gone away and could very well be a contributing factor to the growing number of issues currently.

As it stands i have done everything humanly possible = other than spend alot of money on a gaming PC and re-purchase Conan Exiles to play it functionally there, but to be honest i am positive there are issues there as well and mostly why should i have to re-purchase anything. I have payed for a product (multiple products) that have stopped essentially working in most of its key ways of defined function = this is not my problem to fix anymore, but if things get worst before they get better it is my place to make others aware of this, so maybe they can avoid the disappointment & frustration that many of us are experiencing with playing this game.

I am starting to wonder if spending my money on the COMPLETE EDITION would have been more deserving and better spent on almost any other game at this point. Not a happy gamer / customer FUNCOM :rage:

Thanks for the reply. I fo run my PS4 PRO with an external SSD and still have issues regarding anything other then the frame rate and lessened issues of freezing, it has not solved or helped anything regarding pop-in + resolution & textures + draw distance & other odd performance behaviour. Now this may just be me regarding the External SSD, but i will say it again = even when i first got this game with no SSD it did not run like it does currently.

These issues large and small have presented themselves after the “Riders of Hyboria Update”.
Currently after logging in today, the textures on DLC building pieces are keeping their texture better so far, but a new issue has arised = pieces i place ontop of the DLC foundations, ie… Crafting benches + containers + statues + fridges + cupboards + furnaces + pretty much EVERYTHING are now loosing their textures similar to what the foundations themselves were doing yesterday. Looks identical = near zero resolution / texture and it seems they are remaining that way no matter if i place them elsewhere + delete them and build a new one, etc…

I will always keep updating my threads to help keep these issues current in the hopes FUNCOM can do something with our input in the means of fixing it, but i will say i am done being dissapointed and angry about all of this, as it serving nothing for me + does not expedite a fix any quicker and only strengthens my distain and disbelief at the current state of a game i love… Once loved… I honestly don’t know anymore = i am just tired of struggling with this constanly.

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